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Telperion Drive

Telperion Drives provide motive force to the Telperion Skyships of the elves. They are the most common of the totemic gravity drives and are exclusively used by elves of the Thayan Armada .

The elves have a century and a half head start on gravity drive technology and they are not sharing their secrets any time soon. Their ships, grown in Taur na Cair, are the only ones that can hold up to the stress of traveling at "totemic speed."

Manufacturing process

Telperion drives are custom grown in elven groves to perfectly fit the ship they are intended for. They are mounted to the keel of the ship at its strongest point, woven in place with mithril cables. A length of silver Telperion timber at the heart of the drive is inscribed with elven runes dedicated to the goddess Thaya. The runes allow the drive to be controlled from the helm of the ship.

Item type
Power Storage / Generator
Creation Date
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
  • Wood of Telperion
  • Mithril mounting
  • Livewood housings
  • Runes and sigils of Thaya
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