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Taur na Cair

In the depths of Hartshome Forest a hidden grove of gigantic trees grew undisturbed and in secret for millennia. In a previous age, the ancient elves had once roamed the stars in these great spelljammers. For an unknown reason, they returned home to Erathia, giving up a starfaring life and dwelling for generations on their homeworld.

The Night of the Shattered Moon and the First Armada

The elves sought out their hidden heritage after the Night of the Shattered Moon when the goddess Thaya was killed by invaders from the Far Realm.

A million elves died in the ill-fated First Armada along with the majority of the spelljammers that they had repurposed.

Elven Aerodromes

Enough ships remained though for a Second Armada manned by the Shattered Moon Coalition. They successfully took the moon and set the mortals of the world on the path to victory.

Since the end of the War Against the Far Realm, Taur an Cair has been actively growing Telperion Skyships for use by the elven kingdoms. They use them to send war bands to the Shattered Moon to hunt down and destroy the last aberrations remaining on it.

The elves keep their ships exclusively for their use. The Telperion ships are the fastest flying ships in the world and also the only ones capable of making the flight to the moon and back.

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