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The Island Empire of Kaneyma sits in the cold waters off the eastern coast of the Jade Continent. This nation of fractious warlords sharpened their military skills on each other before periodically turning their attention outwards and conquering their neighbors. Currently the nation has closed itself off to outsiders once more. However, their agents and ambassadors travel the world, absorbing skills and knowledge wherever they go.

Instructor of Recruits

Them magitech samurai from Kaneyama are everywhere. It's common knowledge in salvager warehouses and pirate dens that the artificers of the Yokaiju Isles will pay top bilog for any tech recovered from the Pit. In just the space of a few decades, I've seen them go from literal feudal knights to advanced arcanotech engineers.

Sgt. Kill Flayer

Kaneyama is an island empire off the eastern coast of Yuchao where samurai lords engage in perpetual struggles to become the Shogun of the Emperor. Along with their history of internal struggle, they have dealt with the threat of invading monstrous kaiju every few decades.

Ascending Clan of the Dragon

The Clan of the Dragon currently holds the Shogunate. They championed the idea of integrating magitech innovations from the Kirinal Concordance Zone into their technology. They have created armies of steam powered samuai and magical mechs to fight off kaiju and assert their own dominance.

While the clans continue to vie for their place in the new order, the Yokai Council and Celestial Scouts try to balance the desires of the nobility with the needs of the people. As the Dragon Clan drives their nation to war, their attempt to remain uninvolved in political intrigues might be a choice they can no longer afford.

Factions of the Yokaiju Islands

Like the other nations of Erathia, the Kaneyamans are figuring out how to integrate the train of magitech revolution with their millenia old culture. They recognize that they must modernize or fade into obscurity.

They watch the rising Maharlitech civilization on the other side of the world with envy and a determination not to be left behind.

The Imperial Institution

The traditional system of feudal rule served the Empire well when it was an isolated island of warring samurai. The daimyos ruled their lands, they fought to become Shogun. The Shogun served as the hand of the Emperor.

Mirai-ha, the Futurists

This faction of wizards and engineers believe that Kaneyma will fall behind the rest of the world, especially the Concordance, unless they take their rightful place in global matters.

The Yokai Court

The magical folk of the empire secluded themselves in shadows and side dimensions for millennia. They did not partake in mortal matters. They have also come to the realization that they must follow the lead of the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins, or face extinction.

The Celestial Scouts

Mortal agents of the spirits serve as the bridge between the mortal and spiritual worlds. For some reason, these powerful mages and magical warriors are composed almost entirely of teenage girls and boys in modified school uniforms.

Kaneyama Plot Hooks

Maharlitech Espionage

Agents from different houses and factions within Kaneyama all seek the secrets of Maharlitech from the the Zone. The party is approached by one of them to steal a shipment of tech or to protect the shipment.

Yokai Council Diplomatic Missions

The Yokai Council seeks to balance the needs of the spirit folk and commoners with the noble rulers of the Empire. They ask the adventurers to protect their emmisary as he travels to the Imperial Palace to speak to the Emperor.

Quest for the Elemental Crystals

A group of student scouts have been tapped to recover elemental crystals scattered across the Empire. They must face the guardian spirit or kaiju of each crystal, proving their worth through words, wisdom, or deeds.

Invasion of Space Pirates

Pirates from stars beyond the Crystal Sphere descend upon the Empire of Kaneyama. They want to steal the unique magitech samurai that defend the islands from kaiju. Good thing those suits of giant armor are piloted by the party!

The Lion Eclipse

An ancient prophecy speaks of an enormous monster who will emerge during a solar eclipse. The party must decipher the prophecy and form a bond with mystical lions who will help them face the monster in the darkness.

Geopolitical, Empire
Erathia Icosahedral

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Dec 8, 2023 14:34 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I am intrigued by these guys. Rapid tech advancement always leads to some interesting cultural stuff.   Would love to know more about the kaiju as well

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 8, 2023 14:48 by Chris L

Thanks for the read. I'm fascinated by the development of pre-WW2 Japan and how it went from an isolated medieval nation to a modern world power within a generation. I'm putting that into motion in my world, but with mechs, yokai, kaiju, and magical girls!

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Steam-powered samurai?! I love both the alliteration going on there and the concept. Are they artificial life or regular ol' beings in steam-powered suits?

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Jan 12, 2024 15:01 by Chris L

I am definitely going with a bit of both. This region is my excuse to fold in every anime trope that I like into my ancestral SE Asian dread of Japan and come out with a delightful souffle that slots into the rest of my world building!

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