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I have heard of the upcoming Lunapalooza music and dance festival. I believe that it will be a lively celebration of the Shattered Moon and the dead goddess Thaya.
You don't have a ticket yet, do you Instructor? The Crew of the Blackjack already gave me mine along with backstage passes! I can't wait! Untz untz untz untz! Wub wub wub wub wub!

The brainchild of the Crew of the H.C.S. Blackjack, Lunapalooza is a one-night music and dance festival that they are planning to hold on the Summer Solstice in Tower Town. They plan to fly the Blackjack over the taverns and dance halls of the entertainment district. They will play amplified music from Hex Crystal powered sound amplifiers and bring the party with them wherever they go.

Throughout their travels, the Blackjack has encountered a plethora of friends and allies who are eager to see their festival succeed and become an annual tradition.

Event Organizers

The headliner of the event will be the Baron Niamhi Silversång a former singer with the Cavaliers of Light Tourney Train and now the Captain of the Blackjack.

The organizer is Lanzo "Lance Uppercut" von Razak, an aasimar noble of Molndalian descent and a growing reputation as a rake and a debauch.

The original DJ, Xeno the Navigator was going to bring his Soulforged stylings to the party. However he has since been preoccupied by getting possessed by an evil god and becoming a moon.

Stepping in as public relations is the newest cremember, Elenwe Heskiloth. She brings loads of charisma and some unsavory contacts to the mix.

The goblin Of the Forge the Spark will be handling the equipment.

The festival is a celebration of the older, Shattered Moon of Thaya. They hope to defy the new Hidden Moon and the Cult of Malfador responsible for it.

Lunapalooza Promotion
Lunapalooza Promo Poster #1 by gte371z

The first promo poster for Lunapalooza printed before the untimely possession of Xeno the Navigator by the dark god Malfador.

The Guest List

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