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Hex Crystal

The magical substance at the center of Erathia's technological revolution. Hex crystal is a by-product of the life cycle of the Hexworm & Incarnation Moth. The Dwarves of the northeastern zone of the Kirinal Pit use hex worms as earthmovers and architectural beasts of burden.

Over a lifetime, the worms ingest the soil around the Pit, which is infused with a daily dose of arcane and extra-planar energy as the Pit Manifests the Days of the Week. The cocoons they make to become incarnation moths are studded with hex crystals. The dwarves harvest and sell them at The Tortoise, making them the richest dwarves in the world.

Uses of Hex Crystal


Small pieces of hex crystal are carved into platonic solids and used as the matrix for Ident-a-hedrons, the ubiquitous soul-based identification that everyone in the Kirinal Concordance Zone is required to carry.

Power Source

Due to their origin from the soil of the Pit, hex crystals fill up with magical energy at the dawn of every day when the Pit manifests a new plane. The amount of energy depends on the size of the crystal. The crystals are used to power magitech devices and vehicles.


Trade & Market

The dwarves of the Tortoise control the entire supply chain of hex crystal from it's creation, harvesting at Hexworm Corrals, to refnement, carving, and its sale at the Tortoise's markets.

All colors of the rainbow.
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