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ZIO Agent

Every newcomers first interaction in the Kirinal Concordance Zone is with the ZIO Agent that creates their Ident-a-hedron. The process of creating a hedron requires a spellcaster with the ability to cast the Create Ident-a-hedron spell as a ritual. The demographic for ZIO Agents leans heavily towards little old women with gray hair and mysterious smiles.

The minor manipulation of a person's soul allows access to a mortal's true nature for a few moments. As a result, ZIO Agents take oaths of secrecy not to reveal what they learn to any unauthorized persons. The oaths are reinforced by a mandatory monthly Geas applied to each Agent.

Soothsayers on the Side

Many ZIO agents are diviners and experienced fortune tellers. They take the opportunity of a few private moments with each customer to earn a few bilogs on the side. A few of the more experienced Agents tell fortunes for free for their own amusement.

Many Kirinalos regard their ZIO Agent as a type of personal counselor and visit them regularly to hash out their thoughts or work on personal problems.

The cottage industry in augury is frowned upon by the Zone Authority, but is seen as a minor nuisance not worthy of actual attention.

Lola Carly: ZIO Agent
by Chris L - Artbreeder
Lola Carly Magos Pamplona sees your destiny with frightening accuracy.

So many futures in front of you! Some long and some short! So exciting! Do you want some bibingka?

— Lola Carly - ZIO Agent



Ability to cast spells as a ritual.

Other Benefits

ZIO Agents are the only one authorized to cast the Create Ident-a-hedron spell.


Social Status

ZIO Agents are respected as a necessary part of life in the Zone.



ZIO Agents require blank ident-a-hedrons as a material component and the matrix for the bit of soul they extract from their clients.

Alternative Names
Hedron Lolas
Public Services
Every resident of the Zone must carry an Ident-a-hedrons at all times by Concordant Mandate.
Famous in the Field
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8 Dec, 2020 15:30

'The demographic for ZIO Agents leans heavily towards little old women with gray hair and mysterious smiles.' The best demographic, obviously.   This is a really interesting role.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Dec, 2020 17:43

Thank you! This is a function that I was filling because the players in my campaign are going through this process next session and I had never thought about these particular people. Everything kinda just popped in my head as I was going.   They'd be all the old ladies who are (or accused of being) witches! And what better time to get your fortune told?

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