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Kirinal Divers

When Shatter dawns, we have one advantage: we know what has happened. A 30-mile piece of a random plane has been plucked from its rightful place and deposited on our world. The Kirinal Divers fly into the Pit to see what we have to deal with that day.
— Instructor of Recruits
The elite. The best of the best. You should all aspire to be one of them. Training greenhorns is great, but I'd leave you in a heartbeat if they ever called me up.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The elite members of the Kirinal Divers are the first to fly over and enter the Pit on the day of Shatter. It is their job to determine if the unknown landscape that has just appeared is harmless or malignant or somewhere in between.

Shatter Dawn

The most dangerous day dawns. Colors flash in the Kirinal Pit. The fortresses ready their armies. The great skyships turn their weapons towards the Pit.

The sun cracks the horizon. Shatter begins with a sharp report and the last flash of sickly green lightning. The pit fills with ominous impenetrable mist. Thousands of eyes turn to the Tower on the northern edge. Five figures launch themselves into the air, their distinctive energy signatures trailing behind them as they arc up and then descend into the mist.

A Heroes Calling

He is our greatest hero. All soulforged look to #2, the Surveyor as an example of what we can achieve with our new lives.
— Instructor of Recruits

The Divers follow Two, The Surveyor of Worlds, the second construct to come out of the Soul Forge. After his rebirth, he found his calling at the place of his first death. He began as an apprentice to the Navigator of Worlds before being given command of the Divers.

We wait for the Surveyor to sound his horn. One blast for peace. Two for war. Three to flee.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The Surveyor alone chooses the members of the Divers. Each new plane on Shatter needs the right mix of speed, power, and endurance. The Surveyor recruits from adventuring companies, elite soldiers and magical guilds. After the manifestation settles in, he chooses a team of 5 to 8 and they begin to explore. He takes the time he needs. He makes his decision. He blows the horn.



The Divers are an elite squad of 20 specialists with a variety of skills. The Surveyor chooses a Dive Team of 5 to 8 designed to explore and evaluate the new plane. They consist of at least an analyst, a mage, a healer, a scout, and a heavy combatant.

The Surveyor picks prospects for their ability to cover more than one of those roles. He mostly chooses Pit-Blood for membership. Their ties to other planes and familiarity with life on the Pit make them ideal candidates.



All members of the Divers must be capable of flight to carry out their mission. Some can fly under their own power, through spells, mounts, or with specialized equipment.


The Divers have specialized Ident-a-hedrons that connect directly to each other and the Commanders of each Fortress on the Kirinal Pit.

The Surveyor of Worlds bears the Horn of Kirinal. When he blows it, the entire Kirinal Concordance Zone can hear it.


Each Diver carries a Gem of Recall. When they crush it, they are teleported back to their base in the Tower.


All of the Divers are equipped with magical gear appropriate to their specialty. They prioritize information gathering and escape over engaging the enemy directly, although many of them are more than capable of holding their own in battle.



Two, the Surveyor of Worlds is the leader of the Divers, he only accepts the tile "Surveyor."

Field Leaders

On a Dive, three of the other members assume the role of Field Leader while the Surveyor examines the field.

Sir Sammael of Kirinal - An aasimar paladin of the The Order of Tridensers. He's the toughest and most direct of the field leaders.

Lady Daeny of the Valkyrior - An archer who rides a pegasus, she is the most observant and specializes in hunting aberrations.

Baron Blackfire - A genasi barbarian of noble birth, he can apply fiery rage and disarming charm in equal amounts.


Before the creation of the Orrery of Worlds, the early Exploratory Teams had a high fatality rate. Often they learned nothing before they were all wiped out by some rampaging monster.

More than once, the Mortal Armies of the Pit were almost wiped out by invading armies or some malignant primordial thing. They were only saved by when dawn on the next day brought a new plane and respite.

The Surveyor learned from their mistakes. He studied the dangers of different planes. Eventually, he began to lead the teams into the Pit, what he called his "diving expeditions". He kept the casualty rate low, but most importantly, he always got the information they needed: weal or woe.

The Kirinal Pit

A 30-mile wide hole in reality ringed by fortresses and armies.

Kirinal Pit
Geographic Location | Sep 5, 2023

A 30-mile hole in reality ringed by fortresses and cities. The world's greatest threat and resource.


Every day, a new plane from the Great Wheel manifests in the Kirinal Pit. On the first day of the week, any random plane from anywhere in the multiverse can appear. It's the most dangerous, most stressful day of the week. It used to be called the Day of the Moon, or Monday.

Current Members of the Kirinal Divers

  • Two, The Surveyor of Worlds - Soulforged Artificer
  • Sir Sammael of Kirinal - Aasimar Paladin
  • Baron Blackfire - Genasi Storm Barbarian
  • Lady Daeny of the Valkyrior - Kalashtar Horizon Ranger
  • Ileana the Darkchilde - Tiefling Hexblade
  • Princess Rhyan Mac Tire - Shifter Moon Druid
  • Xi'an the Dominator - Gith Encantress
  • Ataxia Smythe - Half-elf Wild Mage
  • The Fire Eagle - Genasi Wildfire Druid
  • Brother Rusten the Firefist - Gith Element Monk
  • Yeshua of the Gold and Black - Way of Mercy Monk
Overall training Level
Ranks & Titles

Diver's Cypher

Diver's Cypher
Language | Jul 22, 2023

The brevity code used by the Kirinal Divers to describe a new reality in only 25 words.

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