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Goblin Culture

A treatise on the culture of goblins in Western Krosia. (With commentary by Of the Forge the Spark, an actual goblin.)

2170 words


The Greatest of the Great Old Ones slept inside Erathia. The world was the egg of his rebirth. One day the Host of the Far Realm came to hatch him.

259 words

Shards of Thaya

Floating islands on the Shattered Moon harbor the only life on that broken sphere.

956 words

Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis

A complicated ritual to raise one of the six lost moons into the sky while also birthing a new (or old) god.

943 words

Dryad Tea

The result of dryads bathing in hot springs, bottled and sold for consumption by the curious.

322 words

Ariana Durinhelm

Daughter of Chagroth Durinhelm, this powerful psion sacrificed herself to turn the tide of the War Against the Far Realms.

182 words


Lokorn is an immense balete tree on the Shattered Moon. It anchors the Barrow Shard to the surface of the moon.

382 words

Silversong Moon

The third moon of Erathia is a silver icosahedron that rose a few short months after the Hidden Moon launched into the sky.

331 words

Totemic Gravity

Mages use totems from other heavenly spheres to manipulate gravity to their whims.

1226 words

Totemic Gravity Drives

Magitech gravity technology that allows airships to travel very quickly using the tidal power of the moons.

692 words

Divine Gate

The Divine Gate seals off the world of Erathia from overt divine influence.

627 words

Telperion Drive

This magitech miracle has given the elves command of the heavens for more than a century.

262 words

Barrow Shard

This shard of the Shattered Moon contains the grave of the moon goddess Thaya, the great tree Lokorn, and the main fortress of the elves.

904 words

Detective Lim

The Zone Authority's lead detective, Lim investigates the most difficult cases in the Zone.

226 words


Undisputed masters of ki and the martial arts. The Zone Authority realize that this makes them ideal policemen and detectives.

624 words

Orrery of Worlds

The Orrery is an immensely powerful magitech device that controls which world or plane appears in the Kirinal Pit.

691 words


Wizards become masters of arcane power through long years of intense study. With coordinated effort, they lead the way in the world's magitech revolution.

531 words

Pit Wall

The wall on the rim of the Kirinal Pit is the first line of defense against possible invaders.

389 words

Blood Moon Covenant

A group of moon worshipping vampires who helped found the Shattered Moon Coalition and avenge the death of the goddess Thaya.

403 words

Moon's Orphans

The surviving lycans and shifters banded together to destroy those who killed their moon goddess and drove them into a killing frenzy.

279 words

War Against the Far Realm

The Great Old Ones invaded Erathia to crack it open and awaken the Sleeper, the most powerful of their kind. They were finally turned back when the gods exiled themselves and the Old Ones from the world.

1566 words


Soldiers, guards, mercenaries, bandits, swashbucklers, and warriors. Fighters are everywhere.

370 words


These stewards of nature are tied to the divine magic of the world itself. They work to keep civilization in balance with nature.

434 words


The gods withdrew from the world and their voices have gone silent. But they sill manifest their power and their wishes through their clerics.

613 words


Powerful warriors from uncivilized lands. They rely on altered states of consciousness to defeat their foes.

323 words


Rangers hunt down dangerous invasive creatures, they serve as scouts, or they guide others through the wilderness.

406 words


The great weretiger druid Jazera dwells on the Lycan Shard. She hunts down those who slew her firstborn child.

213 words


Members of the criminal underworld thrive in the great metropolises of the Zone. Pirates and smugglers have plenty of targets on the trade routes through land, sea, and air.

414 words


Sorcerers are born with magic already inside them. They struggle to control the power of their birthright. Those who succeed can rise to positions of power and prominence. Those who fail perish.

369 words


The great serpent that ate six of the seven moons before being slain by Thaya, the last moon goddess. It returned as a weapon of the Far Realm during the Far War and succeeded in shattering her moon before they died in combat against each other.

503 words

Inner Ring

The Inner Ring refers to both the railroad line circling around the Kirinal Pit 10-miles out from the Pit Wall and the area of the Zone between the Wall and Inner Ring.

348 words

Outer Ring

The Outer Ring refers to the outermost railroad line of the Kirinal Concordance Zone as well as the area between the Inner Ring Line and the Outer Ring.

361 words

Mushroom Fields

A field of mushrooms of all types and sizes ranging from tiny to larger than houses.

360 words

Exalted of Dreams

Title granted to the elf from the bloodline of House Heskiloth who dreams so that the elven race doesn't have to.

464 words

Lost Kirinal

The city that was destroyed and became the location of the Kirinal Pit.

238 words

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As I've iterated through my campaign world, updating it and changing it for each edition of D&D, it's become a living place. A world of immigrants and native-born working together to build a new future together.

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