We druids were the first to use magic. We draw on the power of the land. We feel the elements flowing around us. Our allies are the green, the red, and the gray. Our powers are not the most elegant, but they are the most direct.

The druids of Erathia draw on the primal power of nature. They live in the wilderness as caretakers and stewards of the wild inhabitants of natural places. They sometimes venture into civilization to serve as wardens of the natural life that exists even there.

They take particular interest in the Anomalous Forest and the southern run of the Kirinal River. These are places where escapees and overflow from other worlds and planes escape into the world. Druids patrol the borders of the Kirinal Concordance Zone to ensure that invasive life forms do not escape to wreak havoc on Erathia's ecosystem.

The dark-skinned aasimar with silver moth wings represents the natural order in the Church of Sun & Moon. She bargains and debates with wealthy landowners and rapacious miners. She does not always win the war of words, but at least the land has a voice through her.

The little man with a mushroom hat slides silently between the shadows of a chaotic forest. The clever gnome mycologist knows how to read the faerie rings and shelves on trees. The fungi of the Anomalous Forest speak to him. They whisper a warning when a dangerous entity slinks into our reality.

At dawn on the Kirinal Pit the Lockmaster knows the kind of day the Manifest will provide, sometimes even before Two, The Surveyor of Worlds. He smells the water, testing it for poison, contaminants, or dark magic. He decides whether the Kirinal River will flow that day or not.

Islar, Heirophant of Moon

An aasimar druid devoted to the moons, Islar represents the interests of the natural world in the Church of Sun & Moon.



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