My first husband came from the north a broken man fleeing tragedy. When he arrived in my jungle, he thought he was hunting me. But I was actually hunting him. In the end, I revealed myself to him and together we had many strong cubs.

Jazera, Heirophant of the Lycan Shard

Rangers and hunters are especially valued in the world of Erathia. The armies and walls of the Kirinal Pit keep out most of the dangers from other worlds, but threats great and small always manage to sneak in. Rangers patrol the Anomalous Forest and the Kirinal Wastes. They also serve more conventionally as guides and woodsmen away from the Zone.

The elven hunter silently slips from shadow to shadow in the raucous forest. She pulls on her bow with a razor tipped arrowhead of silver annealed cold iron. The misshapen hart hobbled into a glade of pulsing grass with a head growing from its haunches and human arms where its head should be. She releases her shaft with a whispered prayer, "Thaya guide my aim."

The halfling scout stands in the stirrups of his crow as they soar over that day's Manifest. He has one hand on the reins and his long musket nested in the crook of the other. His keen eyes scan the horizon looking for trouble. "Well Horatio, looks like it's gonna be a quiet one today."

The tall grass of the lost valley waves in the wind and the tabaxi shikari times her movements to perfectly blend in. The great horned beasts are completely unaware of her as she closes in ever so quietly. She forces her hands to relax on her twin katars as she calculates the going rate for magnamalo horn and hide. "I'm going to make a killing on this one."

Silent Clover, Tabaxi Ranger
Silent Clover quietly stalks the valley of Lost Sollo. She preys upon the great beasts of the valley, selling hides and horn to the highest bidder.

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