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Some of us were born with wealth and power, but that doesn't have to define us. To hell with all of that. No one's going to tell me what my future is. I choose who I'm going to be.

Lanzo "Lance Uppercut" von Razak, Chosen of Heaven and Graf of Razakstad

In a world where there are many paths to arcane power, sorcerers have one of the easiest. They are born with it or they find it within themselves later in life. Sometimes the power comes from an arcane bloodline, or it blazes forth from an encounter they have with an alien power or entity. Regardless, sorcerers must learn to control their power before it consumes them or something else takes it from them forcibly.

Blue skin denotes the power within this goblin's mind. He gladly accepts his birthright and uses his power to fight for his downtrodden people in the City of Ta-Arma. Even though the Blue Network has been shattered, he evades the authorities and fights on.

A dusky gnome with bright red hair embraces the power passed to them from a distant draconic ancestor. As the power rises within them they manifest more and more draconic qualities: wings of shadows and flame along with an unquenchable thirst for power.

The shifter woman received the gift of elemental fire from a chance encounter with an interdimensional portal. She is happy to use the immense power she received as a mix-o-mancer in one of the most popular bars in the Zone.

Of the Mind the Fire, Blue Goblin Sorcerer
Of the Mind the Fire, Blue Goblin Sorcerer of Ta-Arma by Chris L

This blue goblin sorcerer was born with mental powers that he uses to defend his people. He fights against the entrenched powers of Ta-Arma to see goblins as their equals.


Cover image: by Chris L


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