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Thieves, scoundrels, ne'er-do-wells, con-men, and grifters. You're talking about some of my favorite people! We can't all be born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Some of us have to take what we need to survive and to thrive!

Many find that the easiest way out of a life of poverty is to make your own rules and take what you need from others. Some rogues are trained in the ways of stealth and subterfuge, learning to outwit their foes instead of overpowering them. The criminal underworld is of course full of cutpurses, assassins, and other types of felonious individuals. The Kirinal Concordance Zone especially is a hotbed of illicit activity. With eight great metropolises surrounding the Pit along with worldwide/interdimensional trade, and a constant influx of visitors makes it easy for crime to thrive in the borders.

A gang of goblins in matching black suits and hatchets holstered at their sides boldly saunter down the middle of a busy market street in Goblin Town. Shop owners come out to meet them with bags of protection money. No one is stupid enough to challenge them.

A dashing orc detective with a rapier in one hand a crossbow in the other chases down burglars through the alleys of Tower Town. From years of experience and his own ill-spent youth, he takes a shortcut through a basement. He thinks to himself, "It takes one to know one."

An orphaned youth with magic behind his eyes picks the pockets of wealthy travelers on the road to the capital. He uses his nascent magical gifts to serve as a distraction or to magically summon trinkets to him. He does not yet understand the immense destiny waiting in the future for him.

Young Gemini, Orphan Thief

At the beginning of his career, Gemini the Thief relied on his natural sneakiness more than his arcane powers.


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