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Fighting men are anything but simple. We need them to make our civilization run. They are the soldiers and guards that stand between us and everything that wishes to harm us.

For many enterprising youths, the quickest path out of a simple, boring life is to pick up a sword, or bow, or musket and go join the army. Every civilization needs someone to fight their wars and guard their goods. The Concordance for Survival especially needs new soldiers to stand against possible incursions out of the Kirinal Pit.

She tightens the straps on her armor gilded in white and gold. She settles her tall shield on her arm and rests her pike on her shoulder. The tiefling soldier became a Light Trooper in the Order of Light to quickly earn her Concordant citizenship and begin her rise to political power. She thinks to herself, "Just two more years on the Pit Wall and I'll be the one giving the orders."

The fire genasi skyguard stands on the deck of his skyship as an enemy vessel approaches. The Gray Angels have come for their cargo, and the captain has commanded them to repel boarders. He drops his spent musket and draws his cutlass as gray clad pirates descend from the sky. He grins to himself as he draws a dirk with his other hand, "Finally some action!"

The hobgoblin pirate crouches on the edge of his raiding ship, the clouds hid their approach, but their prey sounded the alarm as he commanded his troops to descend. He picks out his target, a smug skyguard with fiery hair. He plunges down with spear, shield, and a booming battle cry. "Finally some action!"

Captain Bofdann, Dwarf Fighter

Captain Nysnys Bofdann is in charge of guarding the Vault of the First Tortoise Bank, in the richest dwarven city in the world. His honor is beyond reproach and he takes his responsibilities very seriously.


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