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I became a wizard in a time of solitary experimenting. I hated how we jealously hid our methods and discoveries from each other. I founded WPU to change that. Now we share knowledge and techniques. We coordinate our efforts. I believe that the age of miracles that we live in now is the natural result.

Wizards are highly respected in the world of Erathia. Along with the immense personal power that they wield, they are also credited with ushering in the current Age of Magitech that the world is enjoying.

The majority of modern wizards study at a formal school of magic such as Wizard's Peak University or the Sekaran Academy. These wizards benefit from exposure to a wide range of techniques along with the contacts they make while attending school. Graduates of WPU qualify for quick citizenship in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. In Kiris, only wizards (or other mages) can hold any position of authority.

Solitary wizards who take on single apprentices still exist here and there. They exist outside of the university system, but their wizardly peers will accept them as long as they can demonstrate the proper level of arcane power.

A soulforged wizard stands on the Wall at dawn for the first time. The fresh graduate of WPU, flexes their clockwork hands and energy sparkles in the crystal mounted in their chest. They look up to the Tower as the Orrery stops spinning and the Manifest appears. "I am ready."

The masked drow woman stands before the great crypt and gestures with her staff of bone. The doors open and a legion of armed and animated skeletons march out in orderly rows. The necromancer strides in front of her troops and the commoners bow or kneel as she passes by. They arrive at the Wall, ready to defend the world, and she whispers, "We are ready."

The old archmage stands at the top of the Tower, his hands tracing runes of power as he utters the last words of the Ritual. The Manifest appears in the Pit and his followers take to the air to investigate. His shoulders slump with exhaustion. "I can't wait to be done."

L'Dante, Red Feather Battlemaster
L'Dante Red Feather Battlemaster by Diigii Daguna

L'Dante Katigbak is a fire genasi war mage and wizard, the current Red Feather Battlemaster, and Commander of Chagroth's Tower.


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