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Journeys of a Momma Bunny

A Nice and Accurate Catalog of the Shards of Thaya

The quarterly journal "Journeys of a Momma Bunny" is the definitive resource for information about the different Shards of Thaya. The celebrated author/adventurer, Ambrosia the Shard Drifter has set a goal of visiting each of the seven-thousand plus sky islands of the Shattered Moon and documenting her visits. Her pithy writing and maternal point of view have made her one of the known world's most successful writers.

I subscribe at the "Co-Pilot" tier to get Momma Ambrosia's recipes and her "Behind the Purple Veil" content. Momma and some of her older children come up with meals using local ingredients at the more hospitable shards they visit. I love to try out the recipes, but some of the ingredients are hard to get. We don't have a lot of giant crickets dirtside and lunar honey is really expensive!

"Journeys of a Momma Bunny" documents the travels of Ambrosia the Shard Drifter as she dutifully travels the Shards of Thaya with the stated purpose of visitiing each of the 7,641 known shards. If she succeeds, she will be the first sophont to achieve the feat. Ambrosia has defined a "visit" as putting at least one foot on the soil, or in the water, of each shard. Some of the shards are inhospitable, even hostile, to the living. So in some cases a foot to the ground is all that's possible.

She travels in a large Moon Balloon called the "Cloud Warren" and her entire family travels with her. When she set her goal, she didn't want to forego the comforts of home, so she brings her home with her. Her crew is composed of her two husbands: Buster and Boglo, their 21 children, and a trusted crew who has become like family. The Cloud Warren is heavily armed, able to fend off most trouble, and has a handful of emergency elemental drives to quickly flee trouble if they need it.

Catalog of the Shards

As she travels, Ambrosia is creating the best available travelogue of the Shards of Thaya. When possible, she likes to spend an appropriate amount of time at each shard. For the smallest nameless sky islands, she makes a quick stop and records their coordinates. The majority of the shards are small, up to a mile in diameter. For them a survey of a few hours is usually sufficient. For the larger shards, she likes to spend a few days, up to a week, cataloging them.

Ambrosia and her crew make notes of any settlements and their makeup. They dock at the settlement to trade, send messages back to their publisher, and try out the local flavors. They send scout ships to fly over and under the shard to survey major or unusual geographic features. They record the flora, fauna, and resources taking special care to suss out any valuable resources that the rest of the Shattered Moon could use.

Mama Ambrosia's Great Feast

Finally, on their last night on a shard, they hold a great feast, inviting any local dignitaries and bigwigs to join them. Mama Ambrosia and her culinarily inclined children use local goods along with ingredients from their well-stocked larder. They cook using the flames that inflate the Cloud Warren's great balloon. Together, with talented locals, they create the finest meal that these mostly isolated shard dwellers have ever experienced.

Over the years, Mama Ambrosia has discovered that this departing feast serves many purposes. She and her family get to fully experience the culture and cuisine of the far-flung sky islands. They get to try out interesting local recipes and techniques. Finally, the Great Feast ingratiates the guests to the Flopsy-Lapin family. The entire Shattered Moon is covered with people from all walks of life who remember Ambrosia and her family fondly and are willing to help them if they need it.

Patrons Across the Known World

Over the years the popularity of "Journeys" has grown larger and larger. They started out with a small following among only the Rabbitfolk and some gnomish allies of Thaya's Vindicators. Ambrosia's fame grew when she reached 3,000 shards visited sometime in her 8th year. Subscriptions to the quarterly publication started taking off in the Zone and Sovranty allowing the family to upgrade their ship to the large fortified Cloud Warren.

Their new fortified ship allows them to visit dangerous shards that were once off limits to them. As their fame has grown, they've been able to use their influence to travel with Vindicator patrols. As a result, they were able to briefly visit the Unshard and the Shard of Arrows. At this rate and with their new ship, Ambrosia believes that it will take another 8 years to complete her goal.


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Aug 8, 2022 22:18

Such a great concept for a travel log! I love how ambitious Ambrosia is in her travels and how much she puts into her writing it seems like. A wonderful article!

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Thanks for your kind words and most of all for reading my article!

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Well, first: Ambrosia is super-fun. And I loved the explanation about how the exploration of some shards is different from others. And, of course, being me, I loved the concept of her having two husbands and a whole bunch of kids. I don't know why that made me so happy, but it did.

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Thanks for supporting my display of casual polyamory! My favorite thing about Ambrosia is that she's so matriarchal, there's no question of who's in charge!

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May 12, 2023 01:31 by Molly Marjorie

No wonder her publications are so popular. I want to subscribe!

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