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Savage barbarians fight with huge weapons and are covered in tattoos and full of primal fury. You can't face a more fearsome foe or ask for a better ally. I should know since I am one!

Barbarians come from the lands outside the "civilized" world. They live close to nature and are tied to the world's natural rhythms. They learn to fight and survive from an early age in the most inhospitable parts of the world.They hail from the frozen north, remote mountains, and from deep in the jungles. They look down on the soft people safe in their towns. They live by their wits and determination without the comforts of the modern world.

They all share the ability to enter altered states of consciousness in battle. Whether through meditation, calling on ancestral spirits, or ingesting powerful herbs; their ability to ignore pain and perform incredible feats of strength is legendary.

Quick brown humans in loincloths and feathered headdresses hunt an oracular bird through the jungle. The first to spear it will have special blessings for the next year.

Powerful lizardmen ride their alligator mounts through the waters of Bluestar Lake. They strike fear into both their enemies and their allies who are unsure if they should fear the mount or the rider more.

At the Bastion of Borthakar orcish warriors remove their bespoke waistcoats to reveal rippling muscles covered with protective tattoos. They hitch greataxes over their shoulders as they prepare to defend the Pit Wall after their afternoon tea.

Omen Aurkert, Alligator Rider
Omen Aurkert by Chri L - Heroforge

Omen Aurkert rides his alligator, Shock, into battle. Omen specializes in harpooning his enemies and dragging them back for Shock to finish them off.



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