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Seraphena Syren

Lady Seraphena Syren

The Lady Seraphena Syren played to sold out concerts throughout the world. She was celebrated by the wealthy and powerful, but she sang from the point of view of the poor and the helpless. She was the voice of her generation... 75 years ago.

It is not polite to comment about someone's looks and age, but I'm an orc and I don't care! She's gotta be over 100, but there's no pointy eared elf-blood in her family! And we're all just going to pretend that she doesn't have fangs now?

The Lady Seraphena Syren represents a tangled web of concerns for serveral of the most powerful factions in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. She was born into a minor branch of House Molndal a century ago. With the patronage of her wealthier relatives, Seraphena became famous on the precursor to the Hedron Network. Performances of her songs were inscribed onto hex crystal with "The Ballad of the Gilded Cage" and "Eclipse of Truth" being her best selling songs.

She died at the age of 27 at the triumphant climax of her world tour in her home City of Molndal. At the finale of her song "Whispers of the Eternal", the audience rushed the stage and it collapsed beneath their weight. The Grand Duke's Theater promptly caught fire and the performers and most of the audience burned to death in a horrible tragedy that is still spoken of in whispers today.

I loved being Seraphena and she deserved a death equal to the glory of her life. The souls sacrificed that night fortify my power to this day! That offering of ecstatic worshippers and burnt flesh woke my favored daughter from her slumber. Of all my Sirens she is the strongest fighter, the best singers, and the most likely to succeed me... If I ever allow that to happen.

A few years ago, Seraphena reemerged as a high level diplomat and representative of House Molndal. In a world of resurrection, divine avatars, and time travel no one questions her return to the world of the living. They note that she sports fangs now and rumors abound that she has become a vampire. But Seraphena has been seen during the day and consuming food, things that should not be possible for victims of vampirism.

I build my Sirens with the same tools that forged me. As I live their lives, they endure the tortures that made me. Seraphena has been subjected to the three curses: the black chick, the blood thirst, and the hell pact. They interact creating a stronger being than any one curse alone. It will take more than a little sunshine to kill one of my girls!

During her years as a Secret Siren Agent of her mistresss, Seraphena most enjoyed working with the vampires of the Blood Moon Covenant. She became intrigued with the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Valentine, King of Vampires. Her contacts in Hell confirmed to her that Valentine's soul had never arrived there for its final reward punishment.

She suspected that Valentine had been taken prisoner during the Battle for the Barrow Shard. Her prime suspect was the late Thirion Elf-King. She has recently had that information confirmed for her.

Seraphena Syren Plot Hooks

The Songs of Power

Seraphena's songs are said to hold hidden messages and secret powers. The players embark on a quest to discover their true meaning and tease out the potential magical properties in the music.

Concert of the Century

After years as a diplomat, Seraphena has finally agreed to hold a comeback concert in a huge city. The party has been hired to run security at the venue and now they must face saboteurs and attacks from the many powerful enemies she has made during her long "life."

The Secrets of the Syren

Seraphena entrusts the players with a secret mission unrelated to her official duties with House Molndal or the Blood Moon Covenant. They must find a secret from her previous life, an old man who has been in a coma for 75 years. Who is he and why does she care for him?

Blood Siren's Legacy

Seraphena has a complex relationship with her creator, the Blood Siren. Other members of the Sisterhood of Sirens challenge Seraphena's loyalty to her maker. The group has been given the task of figuring out the Lady Syren's true loyalties.

Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly Tanned
120 lbs
Aligned Organization
Blood Moon Covenant
Organization | Dec 28, 2021

A group of moon worshipping vampires who helped found the Shattered Moon Coalition and avenge the death of the goddess Thaya.

Valentine, King of Vampires
Character | Nov 18, 2023

Valentine, the charismatic King of the Vampires allied with the elves after the tragedy of the First Armada. He was one of the leaders of the Shattered Moon Coalition that led the world to victory in the War Against the Far Realm.

Sisterhood of Sirens
Organization | Dec 15, 2023

The Blood Siren steals the lives of mortal girls, but in return she grants them the lives of immortal predators.

Alera, the Blood Siren
Character | Mar 9, 2024

The mysterious Blood Siren leads a clan of vampires and aswang secretly embedded in the world's most powerful organizations. She hides behind the guise of the famous performer Aleonera Molndal.

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