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Cumvel Coyilen

The dwarven artificer Cumvel Coyilen is a specialist in thunder and sonic magic. He has partnered with the goblin artificer Of the Forge the Spark after a chance meeting and together they have developed many hex crystal based solutions for sound and broadcasting on the Hedron Network.

He takes special pride in converting weapons of war into devices of audio-visual delight. He modifies hex crystal shards into thunder prisms to store and amplify music. He makes crystal thunder prism microphones and speakers for use in broadcasting, concerts, and for karaoke.

He has become an official member of the Blackjack Trading Troupe and has a close working relationship with Spark. He works as Spark's right-hand man and helps out on some of the Blackjack Troupe's secondary ships and their bases around the world and Kirinal Concordance Zone.

Aligned Organization

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