Without artificers we would not have the world as we know it. No skyships, no ident-a-hedrons, no trains. All the big and little things that make the Zone a wonderland. We owe our bodies, our very existence to the artificers.

— One, the First Soulforged

The miracles of the modern age began to happen when the obscure craft of artificery reached its final form. In previous millenia there were always odd men making strange gadgets or gnomes building their clockwork devices. But they were always just curious folk who built amusing toys.

In the aftermath of the Lichwars, the inventions and devices created by artificers began to enter everyday life. They were instrumental in building the devices that tamed the Kirinal Pit and the wonders of the modern age.

The founding of the School of Artificery at Wizard's Peak University cemented the place of artificers in the world. They were finally acknowledged as the equal of wizards and sorcerers.

In the great aerodromes of Magus Valley, goblin artificers construct skyships to carry passengers and cargo through the skies of Erathia.

On the assembly lines in the Soul Forge, human artificers assemble the bodies that will become newly reborn Soulforged.

The dwarven artificers of The Tortoise continuously improve the great moving city. One day, they will free it of the rails that it still needs.

Shacrath the Tattered, Dragonborn Artificer
by Chris L
This self-taught street artificer learns the magic of his new home to free those left behind.

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27 Dec, 2020 11:28

I love how you included what I assume is a class (can't remember what system you run for) in your setting! Very nicely done :)

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27 Dec, 2020 13:45

Thanks! Yeah, I'm running D&D 5E for two groups and I'm in the "campaign/game system bible" part of my world-building right now!.

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27 Dec, 2020 19:17

I always love artificers. I like how they have grown from a curiosity to a vital part of society in your setting. :D

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27 Dec, 2020 19:27

Thanks! You're a wonderful cheerleader and I always appreciate everyone who takes the time to like and comment on my articles.

Come see my Bestiary February article with hand-drawn sketches every day in February (maybe)!

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