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Magus Valley

I see many graduates from Wizard's Peak University among you! Welcome fellow alums! WPU! I haven't been back to Magus Valley for many years, I hear it's still growing and growing!
— Instructor of Recruits
Old Magus Valley! I've never been, but my great to the sixth grandma was in the invasion force that sacked it after the Disintegration!
— Sgt. Kill Flayer


Magus Valley was founded in the valley below Wizard's Peak to support the construction of Chagroth Durinhelm's Wizard's Peak Academy in 2995. It grew from the camps of workers and support staff who were just stayed after the school was completed. As the university became a hub of activity during The Lichwars the valley below filled with the people needed to make food, supply clothes, and build infrastructure.

Destruction and Rebuilding

The nascent community suffered horribly after the Disintegration of Kirinal. Wizard's Peak was a lightning rod for wild magic surges. The original campus was blasted into rubble along with many of the original buildings in the town below. The students, faculty, and residents suffered massive casualties.

The remaining population was almost wiped out by orcish raiders before Chagroth returned from Kirinal to find his family. He drove off the raiders and decided to pull back from the rest of the world to raise his children and rebuild his school and town. He focused as much as possible on building up the school and the community of Magus Valley, planting the seeds of greatness that would bloom in the coming centuries.

Hub of Invention

As he rebuilt the university and the town, Chagroth ensured that only the best methods and materials were used. He thoughtfully planned the layout of streets and buildings to promote peace and thoughtfulness. He needed an intelligent and focused population for his grand goal of taming the chaotic wild magic of the Kirinal Pit.

The tools and methods required to save the world did not exist. He built great magical foundries and factories to make the tools and arcane engines. He built the minds to use those tools in the university. In the end the Orrery of Worlds provided salvation for Erathia.

Magus Valley is the center of magitech research and innovation in the world. There is a direct rail line from the Kirinal Concordance Zone, bringing materials and wonders from other worlds directly to their labs and research centers. Many graduating students stay in town to join the many guilds and companies untangling the mysteries of otherworldly magic and technology.


Majority Ethnicities

Humans, gnomes, elves, dwarves

Minority Ethnicities

Halflings, goblins, soulforged


Capital of Duchy of Silver Range Ruled by a council of wizards, merchants, and inventors.


Studying the wards around Lost Sollo, they have been able to duplicate them here. They plan to implement them at the Kirinal Pit.

Industry & Trade

Magi-tech. Rail Air Ships Ident-a-hedrons Force bubbles, rune wards. Weapons technology Reverse engineering magic and tech Arcane biotech from monster bits Monster Hunter stuff


One of the first places to adopt rail. Built their own independent types of airships. First ident-a-hedrons here. The wonders of the Zone begin here. Weapons research

Guilds and Factions

Wizard's Peak University Thieves Guild Inventors Guild Corporate types? Lost Sollo Hunters Society of Eniam Tal Order of Tridensers Merchants
Alternative Name(s)
Wizard Town
Large city
Related Ethnicities
Location under
Owning Organization


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