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Islar, Heirophant of the Moon

Heirophant Islar

The illustrious Islar, Heirophant of the Moon, has been the Lunar Matriarch of the Church of the Sun & Moon for several decades. She came to power in a time after the gods withdrew from the world but she still firmly believed that the gods would one day make themselves known again. She provided a spiritual counterbalance for her more worldly counterpart the Solar Patriarch. Now that new avatars and new moons have risen, she seeks to cement her power in the Church.

Islar has been playing possum with old Patriarch Carl for a few decades now as he's been consolidating his power as head of both their Churches. Now that there are three moons and only one sun, I hear that Islar may be interested in separating the two churches from each other!

Islar, the aasimar Heirophant of the Moon in the Church of Sun & Moon has led the lunar side of the combined church for many years. She has allowed Carl Malmström, Patriarch of the Sun to run the secular side of the church while she has been involved with worship and spiritual studies.

Now the Hidden Moon and the Silversong Moon have joined the Shattered Moon in the sky and Islar's power has grown. New worshippers join the Lunar Church daily while the Solar Church remains stagnant. Islar sees the new moons as a sign that she should either separate the Church of the Moon from that of the Sun. Or perhaps now that the moons are ascendant, so should her Church?

She has fostered a close relationship with the new moon goddess Jenevieve and has turned her eyes onto House Silversång. She is also worried about the threat presented by the Cult of Malfador and their new association with the Hidden Moon.

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