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The unit of currency in the Kirinal Concordance Zone . Equivalent to 1 gold piece. A skilled worker can expect to make 1 to 3 bilog a day in the Zone.

Bilog are a magical currency that exist only as ident-a-hedrons transactions with the banks of the Zone. Visitors to the Zone can deposit their outside currency with any of the banks in the Zone.

Non-bilog transactions in the Zone are charged a 10% coin tax by the Zone Ministry.

The word comes from the Talino word for circle.

Item type
Currency & Deeds

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Jul 18, 2023 23:04

I always like different concepts of money, but you should elaborate more on what bilogs are made of.

Jul 18, 2023 23:34 by Chris L

Thanks for reading it! I'll try to clarify it!

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