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Atticus Ashbury-Smythe

The half-elf flim flam man known as Atticus Ashbury-Smythe hails from the City of Molndal where he claimes to be the younger scion of a noble house. No one has ever been able to confirm this. He left a stream of broken hearts, empty purses, and gambling debts from Molndal to the Free Cities of Talinside Bay.

When he found that his reputation had finally overtaken the credit of his family name, he stowed away on a skyship headed for the Zone. He hoped to make his fortune with a fresh start in a new place where nobody knew him.

The Grotto

He arrived in the Zone on the eve of Lunapalooza and he made his way to Grig's Grotto. He knew that the dance club would be the hub for the upcoming festival and he hoped to use it as a springboard to make his fortune.

He became embroiled in a dance contest, teaming up with the fairy Irma Derglin, the dark elf Vashe Stampede, and the off brand Soulforged known as Bug Radley.

He joined them, working with Karzon Ironfoot to save the Grotto from the greedy grags who sought to take it over for some mysterious purpose.

Over the course of his adventures, Atticus traveled throughout the Zone and into the Feywild itself. They managed to overcome the plots of the grags, and he survived some poor draws from the Deck of Many Things. Eventually Atticus and his friend family became the new owners of the Grotto.

Charming half-elf bard: flim flam man and an excellent dancer.

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