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Irma Derglin

The fairy Irma Derglin moved to the Zone to get away from her upbringing in the traveling circus known as the Achy Breaky Cart-nival. In an act of rebellion, she became a cleric of Thaya devoted to peace.

She adventured in the Kirinal Concordance Zone in Tower Town. On a fateful night at Grig's Grotto, she made new friends who would change her life.

Eventually, she was summoned back to the Cart-nival by her father, Billy Fae Cyrus. After his "untimely death" she took over the Cart-nival, hopefully bringing about a new era of kindness and pets for the circus.

Fairy cleric of Thaya. The most helpful fairy you'll ever meet!

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Five of Wands
Five of Wands by Chris L

Conflict, Frustration

Irma Derglin & The Sentinels


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Oct 27, 2023 17:26

"Achy Breaky Cart-nival" made me smile today - thanks for that!

Oct 27, 2023 20:22 by Chris L

Lol, you're welcome! This is literally one of my player's characters and they based their character on Miley Cyrus, so I made her dad a fairy Billy Ray! It did not end well!

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