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Death ritual

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The somber longing tone of the Bukkehorn cries out, for another life comes to a close.
  As the mournful gathering converges, attendees don attire reflecting the stoic resilience of battle-hardened warriors. Deep-hued cloaks, embroidered with cryptic runes, enfold them in an aura of mystery and connection to the elder gods. Tokens of the departed, carried with pride, beseech the spirits for blessings and safeguarding on their passage to the beyond.   The hosts, clad in ceremonial and ornate cloths, preside over the event with stoic grace. They bear the responsibility of conducting the ritual with utmost precision, ensuring the proper passage of the soul into the next realm. They stand as a link between the living and the spirit world, guiding the attendees through this momentous occasion.   At the heart of the ceremony lies the choice between two time-honoured rites. For most, a wooden vessel (a funeral boat) is laden with the remains of the deceased. This vessel, representing passage into the great beyond, is set to sail on dark waters. The moment of farewell approaches as a flaming arrow finds its mark, the vessel is consumed by blazing infernos, offering a mesmerising tribute to the soul's journey to the afterlife.   For those who amassed great wealth and reverence in life, an alternate path awaits - the construction of a majestic burial mound. Lavishly adorned within its interior, the departed lie entombed within the mound, surrounded by cherished artefacts, sealed away, an enduring testament to their legacy.   Throughout the ritual, the haunting notes of the bukkehorn pervade the air, evoking an otherworldly atmosphere that bridges the realms of the living and the dead. Its eerie, melodic tones serve as a poignant reminder of the ancient connection between humans and nature, as well as the eternal cycle of life and death.   Attendees bid their farewells, reflecting on the transient nature of existence and the legacy left behind by the departed. Each gathering becomes an indelible memory, etched into the annals of history, until the next sombre but awe-inspiring event in this enigmatic and captivating dark fantasy world.
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