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Okse Dominion

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The rustling of tall grass fades from the frosty air, slowly replaced by the deep bellows of the taglharpe. The pounding of drums soon follows, until the very ground trembles under hoof and boot. Once the air grows warmer and smells of mead, you'll soon hear their chants and know, you have reached Oskmun.
  The Okse Dominon is a hardy land of towering peaks, impenetrable temperate rainforests, and deciduous woodlands, grassy highlands and sheer cliffs. This variety of climates and rough terain here makes for an incredibly defensive and strong nation of hardy people.   Under skies burdened with brooding clouds, the sun's warmth seldom graces the soil. Instead, rain and snow more often than not, dance their ceaseless waltz across this expanse.   Amongst this unforgiving terrain, craggy mountains pierce the skies, steep hills challenge the bravest souls, tundral plains stretch to what feels like eternity, and icy rivers etch their veins into the soil of dense forests, binding coastal towns, cities, and villages alike in a frigid embrace.  


In the turbulent shadows of the Uxifirar family, the Okse Dominion was forged from the rift that cleaved kin from kin. Ralof Gullhyrndr, would forge a new nation under his rule. The golden-horned son, ambitious and fearsome, with a strong, defense-focused and tactical mind, and already in charge of the Vetruxi Kingdom’s armies, would brand Errack's face with the flag of the Okse Dominion. To ensure the might of his father’s land would not falter, Ralof set his eyes on fortifying the nation and developing an industrial machine that could arm his followers. The Oksemun would not rely on importing ores nor equipment.   Meanwhile, Ralof's younger brother, Asgrim, a man deeply attuned to the pulse of their father Torrad Uxifadir’s realm, would birth the Krass Dominion from the soil’s womb. In the wake of the schism, he would ensure that they tilled the land and clung fiercely to the threads of independent culture and the unyielding mindset of the Vetruxi Kingdom. Bound by blood, yet split by divergent ambitions, the two brothers navigated a tumultuous partnership. Each harnessed their unique strengths to pursue their individual aspirations, transforming their brotherhood into a strategic alliance that would carve two distinct destinies.   In a solemn tradition, the Oksmun, like their Krassian kin, would elect their once leader to bear the esteemed title of 'Kóngr Eilífr'. It was a pact born of shared reverence for Torrad, the 'Ox-Father', the mighty Bulwark of the Vetruxi Kingdom. They swore to forever eschew the titles of Kóngr or Dróttning, for their people continued to hold Torrad in the highest regard. He remained their father figure, revered leader, and a figure of living legend, uniting both Dominions under his enduring legacy.  


    Oksmun Culture

    In the often brutal embrace of their homeland, the Oksmun have forged an unyielding identity. The Dominion's relentless landscapes, from unforgiving mountain ranges - like the Halvmane Mountains, to impenetrable forests, are not just physical realms but sacred domains, where bloodrites and sacrifices echo through the ages, binding them to their land. This isn't a culture for the faint of heart; it's a way of life where combat and defense reign supreme, etching warrior traditions deep into their souls.
    Displays of bone charms, inscribed with ancient runes, adorn their battle-worn armor, weaving protective wards and ancestral blessings into their attire. Their existence is an intricate dance with the relentless metal of war. In this realm of stone and steel, the Dominion's imports are scarce, their self-sufficiency a testament to their indomitable spirit and their enduring alliance with the Krassians.

      Submit, and serve

      In the unrelenting churn of Oksmun society, power is an ever-shifting maelstrom, a ceaseless cycle of dominance and submission. The labor force, indispensable and subservient, is bolstered by Thralls and Ambátts, whose sweat and toil fuel the fires of industry. This rigid caste system enforces a brutal hierarchy. Yet, even in this savage domain, there exists a precarious hope; the masters retain the power to unshackle their Thralls, elevating them to the ambiguous title of Leysingi.

    Hardy attire

    In the unforgiving embrace of their land, the hardy Oksmun people don attire befitting their harsh realm. Their garments are woven from thick fabrics and furs, shielding them from the relentless chill that permeates the Dominion. Long sleeves and trousers, or snug leg wraps, are staples of their wardrobes, offering respite from the biting cold.   Tunics are a common sight, draped beneath cloaks of varying lengths and thickness, often rendered in somber hues such as grey, black, mustard, and umber. It is in these shadowed shades that the Oksmun find their comfort and resilience.   Yet, in their attire, a glimmer of nationalism and unity emerges - a subtle touch of yellow or gold, paying homage to the Dominion's own colors, as a testament to their unwavering spirit in the face of an unrelenting world.  

    Sorcery within the dominion

    Few Sorcerers emerge from the crucible of the Okse Dominion, yet those born with arcane gifts often embrace either Firmus or Torrid sorcery. A shadowy legacy of Firmus sorcerers, the architects of a bygone era, has bestowed upon the Oksmun a profound mastery of structural engineering. Consequently, an unrelenting decree has reigned for decades: all who show affinity for Firmus sorcery must be registered with the Dominion's Jarl in charge of monitoring such individuals, or, face a merciless death.   In contrast, Torrid sorcery weaves its fiery threads with more liberty, their wielders laboring in the blistering crucibles of industry or amongst the royal blacksmiths, their powers less regulated, but no less potent.

Major Exports

Ore & Ingots
Thanks to the plethora of mines and metalworks dotted around the Dominion, there is an abundance of metals. So muchs so that the sale of ores and ingots is now one of the Dominion's largest and most guarded exports.
Arms & Armour
Second to the sale of materials to other nations, the sale of Oksmun made arms and armour is highley coveted by those that are looking to protect themselves and deal some devastating damage.
Structural Engineers
Known for their grand defensive structures, the Dominion have now started to allow those that helped design and build these fortifications to sell their skills to nations and rich individuals for a high price.


Within the Dominion's tundra and coniferous realms, the tapestry of life is woven with hardy, thick-furred beasts of various magnitudes. Towering giants, Mammoths, have been tamed to serve as living battering rams, while the smaller Highland Cows that graze the wide-open fields and rolling slopes.
In the skies above, Sigdfugl rule the aerial realm, their predatory instincts honed to perfection as they hunt small prey.   Amidst the shadows of coniferous forests and wooded enclaves, where slightly milder climes provide respite, the land teems with life. Berries and fungi thrive in these realms, offering sustenance to creatures as resolute as the land itself. Here, amidst towering trees, deer, wolves, bears, and cunning foxes roam.   Venturing to the shimmering waters, a kingdom beneath the surface stirs. Countless rivers, both fresh and salt, converge with the unyielding sea, harboring a vast and realm of sealife. Whales, seals, voracious pike, and the elusive Elvormr, all carve their domains in the waters of the Okse Dominion, where survival is as ruthless as the land itself.  

Armed forces

In the embrace of the Okse Dominion, might is the currency of power, where leadership demands both brutality and ingenuity. Kónungsson Erlend Nautleif stands at the helm, commanding the Dominion's formidable armed forces.   The vast population, hardy and militaristic, is responsible for the sheer size of its standing force. Their weapons are tools of war, ruthlessly efficient, designed to endure the horrors of the battlefield. The warriors, embodiments of relentless intensity, iconically bear tower shields with angular, menacing edges, mirroring the brutalist armour they don. Darkened steel weaponry, efficient and merciless, is their trademark. For those of rank, a touch of gold, fur, and cloth embellishes their attire.   Their ranks brim with Juggernauts, colossal beings whose might shapes the Dominion's strategy. Among their duties, some master the art of long-range archery, wielding gargantuan warbows that launch arrows as massive as a man's forearm. These warriors unleash devastation from afar, embodying the Dominion's relentless might. Sorcerers, few in number, are strategic assets reserved for significant threats to the Dominion. Often deployed with an entourage of supporting foot soldiers and sometimes guardian Juggernauts.
Okse Heraldry_1.png
by Fall
Geopolitical, Empire
Kónungsson - Erlend Nautleif,
Kónungsdóttir - Signy Gunnvidottir,
Kóngr Eilífr - Torrad Uxifadir
- Valenheim,
Capital prison - Rauthrbak Min,
City - Hjalliberg,
City - Aldaness,
City - Vagrvik,
City - Strondverdir,
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