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Aldaness is the largest fortified coastal city in the Okse Dominion. The local sheer cliffs and definsible sea access provide a terrific location for a protected sea-bound and inter-nation trade port.   Aldaborg fortress was constructed prior to tradesfolk begining to settle at this defensive location. Those same tradesfolk then altered the landscape around the fortress and constructed a large trade-hub.  


Aldaness is situated on the eastern coast of the Sverd trölla gulf, adjacent to the tip of the Drekahali peninsula. This prime location gives Aldaness first access to any cargo that wishes to sail further into the gulf and as such, generates great ammounts of income for the city. This location also makes Aldaness the largest city in the west of The Dominion.   To the east of Aldaness, the western walls of the Halvmane mountains pierce the horizon. Providing a gorgeous vista and a further defensive boon to the city.  


The denizens of Aldaness are hardy like all their Oksmun kin. Those not of Oksmun ethnicity, soon pickup on their way of life and entwine themselves within it, adding a dash of their own cultures and qualities.  


Being a coastal city, the people of Aldaness have developed a culture of openess and warmth towards outsiders. Music and ale is abundant, large pyres are kept alight all year-round to guide sailors and act as a beacon of fortitude for the locals. With such an abundnace of foreign folk visiting Aldaness to trade, many settling down indefinetly, the city has come to be a cultural mixing bowl and is influenced by many different nationalities and beliefes from all across Errack.   However, being an Okse city, there is a prevailing culture of ritual practices, sacrifices and shamanistic behaviourisms. As such, statues, iconography, bones, skulls and other forms of decoration are still largely prominent.


As a sea-front coastal city, Aldaness has an abundance of fish and other sea-born meats and vegetables available to it's denizens. Subsequently, this means a large portion of meals consumed in Aldaness have some form of sea food influence. This has lead to a vitamin and fat-rich diet for most, suplimented by hardy carbohydrates and salt.


Aldaness trades in everything. If you have something, someone will trade you for it. There are no restrictions on what can be traded, though that does not mean you won't offend or face consequences for what you trade. It merely means finding the right person to trade with is equally as important as what you bring to barter with.
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by Fall
Large town
Jarl - Søren Vilulf,
Frue - Asena Unfrid
Places of note
Aldaborg fortress,
Jarl's Longhouse,
Salt Market,
Main Port,
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Aldaborg Fortress

A foreboding and sturdy fortress hugs the cliffface and sits atop its sheer rocky surface. Seperated by a small river, Aldaness sits adjacent to the fortress and has its own defensive walls and towers surrounding the city.   Built during the reign of Ralof Gullhyrndr, this fortress has seen many battles and stood against many foes.

City walls

A Large wall surrounds Aldaness on 3-sides and for most of the sea-front side. Originally built from large logs and wooden planks, the city has since upgraded to thick stone walls, thanks in no small part to the ammount of gold that now flows into the city from the icy waters.


    Log boom

    Large logs linked by sturdy chain float along the surface, acting like a sea fence to funnel sea-traffic into a single entry/exit point that can be monitored and expanded or shrunk by the port guards.
    A simple, but effective method of controlling the comings and goings of ships to port.  

    Patrol boats

    Small boats sit at the entrance to Aldaness' portion of the gulf and keep watch on ships coming and leaving the port. These same ships can also bee seen guiding larger vessels into specific docks for further inspection or to provide security to noteworth individuals.   Upon some of these patrol boats and rafts, Fluxus sorcerers are often employed to aid in the protection of Aldaness, using their powers to push ships out of the bay or even sink them, should they be deemed to big of a threat to simply deter.


    Large Pyres surounded by stone and gravel have been constructed a short distance outside of the city borders, though still far enough to prevent ash and rancid smells from reaching the farms, let alone the inner city.   These large pillars of wood are lit as and when required to allow for the burning of Demon corpses, or at least, bits of Demon corpses. Fire prevents regeneration of Demon constructs and as such, with enough time, fire will also destroy the Demon cells and wipe any mark of their existance from reality. Leaving only ash and coals behind.   The pyres are fueled by Thralls of local Karls who are dispersed to battlegrounds and sites of recent conflict between soldiers, and sometimes Jaegers, against the spawn of the Nadirs.


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