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Asena Unfrid

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Once a fearless Pathfinder, Asena Unfrid embraced the untamed wilderness to escape her past and prevent it from repeating. Now the resolute Frue of Aldaness aside her husband and Jarl Søren Vilulf, she wields the wisdom of a ruler and scars of an adventurer. Seldom ever seen without her beloved wolf companion Ophir nearby, Asena rules with a firm but forgiving nature and often wonders the settlement finding tasks to aide her citizens with.   Beneath her stern, motherly exterior lies an introspective soul, haunted by the echoes of loss and a wild spirit dancing with desire to adventure once more into the unknown.   Whilst Ophir, the imposing and powerful wolf, strides with a majestic aura, his dark-colored fur exuding an air of dominance, his eyes like fiery embers betray a history etched in battles fought and won—a true warrior of the wild. He hides beneath this formidable exterior, a tender side. More often than not, he transforms into a gentle giant, relishing belly rubs and the simple pleasure of a peaceful nap.  


Asena, a woman of multifaceted grace, exudes an extroverted nature filled with compassion and joy. Having known the burden of loss and pain, she yearns to shield others from such afflictions.   As a former Pathfinder, she exudes confidence and fearlessness, embracing the untamed wilderness and uncharted territories with a sense of purpose. Her keen intellect allows her to assess situations swiftly and uncover hidden truths, making her a formidable strategic leader.   In private, her spirit remains wild and free, embracing playful risks with an uninhibited flair. However, her carefree essence finds itself shackled by the weight of responsibility, demanding her to don a stern, fair, and motherly demeanour in the public eye.   Introspection reveals the tender and vulnerable side, haunted by echoes of loss and the remorse of innocent actions that caused damage. Asena's strength lies not just in her regal authority as the Frue of Aldaness, but also in her warm and compassionate nature towards her people. She takes the time to understand their needs, forever striving to overcome her fears and become a beacon of strength for her city and those she cares for.  

Morality and Philosophy

Asena's morality gracefully balances her untamed spirit with leadership duties, guided by compassion and protection for her people. Embracing unity and diversity, her philosophy celebrates Aldaness' vibrant culture, fostering connections and understanding among diverse beliefs and nationalities, creating a resilient and harmonious community.


Resilience and empathy, my guiding principles, uplifting those under my care.
— Asena Unfrid
Asena's morality walks the delicate tightrope between her untamed, adventurous spirit and the weight of leadership responsibility. With a compassionate heart shaped by the burden of past losses, she strives to protect her people, fostering an environment of fairness and care. Like a skilled navigator, she balances independence with the duty to guide her city, drawing strength from her wild nature and tempered wisdom. Reminiscent of wolf pack alpha females who fiercely protect their kin, she epitomises the essence of a compassionate ruler, always mindful of the well-being of those under her guardianship.


Asena's philosophy embraces the belief that unity and diversity bring strength, mirroring the vibrant culture of Aldaness.
Asena fosters an environment of open-mindedness and warmth towards outsiders. Her extroverted nature embraces the city's cultural mixing bowl, forging connections with different nationalities and beliefs.
Just as the city flourishes from the intermingling of foreign folk, Asena's leadership thrives by fostering understanding and respect among her people, creating a unified and resilient community bound by shared values and a celebration of differences, ever weaving a unique tapestry of culture and knowledge in her city.
Together we rise, in diversity's embrace lies our strength!
— Asena Unfrid
Ash brown, long length, straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light pale white, lightly freckled
5'5" (1.65m)
150lbs (68kg)
Physical traits
Lean with a rectangular body shape
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Asena has always been a bit of a wild child as her family lived in a small Comune located within a large forested area. Their comune was on the outer edge of this forest, though still amongst the trees, and a fresh-water river ran through it's confines - fed by a large glacier further up in the mountains above the forest.   When not helping her mother with the daily chores of village life, Asena would often roam the forest with her friends. One day, Asena and her small group of friends stubled upon a dying wolf, seemingly wounded by something much bigger than it. Nearby, they could hear the yapping and whines of wolf-cubs from a secluded den. Living up to her name, Asena carried these three, still blind, cubs back with her to the comune and as she grew up, she would raise these cubs: Knud, Liv and Triska until they were old enough and fit enough to roam the forest freely - though they would always return every couple of days for easy food and warmth.   One day, the wolves returned more bloody than usual, Liv with a broken leg and the other two with plenty of cuts and grazes. What Asena did not notice at first was the black ichor mixed with blood on Knud and Triska, nor the coarse hairs stuck in their teeth. Liv was seemingly nervous and clearly in pain, whilst the other two seemed to be on high-alert and still aggressive, as if they had only just finished fighting whatever caused this mess. Asena huridly ushered the wolves inside the Comune and began tending to their wounds inside one of the barns her family used. After what felt like hours, Asena had finished cleaning them and treating their wounds, even splinting and wrapping the broken leg. Now seemingly calm, bar Liv, Asena left food and water with the wolves and closed the barn behind her as she left to go finish her chores and return later that night.   As day turned to night, Asena returned to the barn to find it empty, door busted open from the inside and a large amount of blood and fur strewn across the inside of the barn.   Screams were heard from a nearby home and that's when Asena's life changed forever. Her wolves were infected by Wrath Demons and eventually would infect and destroy the comune. Other than herself, to her knowledge, only her Mother and younger brother would escape this horrific night.

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