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Krass Dominion

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The bone chimes rattle softly, hanging from the overgrown gnarled branches of a lone oak tree. Streams of colourful cloth wave in the gentle winds, bound to its branches, signaling the border of the Krass Dominion.
The highland expanse stretches out into the overcast daylight, grand forests lay but a short distance away each hiding secrets within, whilst the feint smokestacks of brochs and sod-roofed outposts dot the vast, grassy plains.
  The Krass Dominion lies at the heart of the sprawling wilderness, where jagged peaks meet misty highlands and icy waters lap against rugged shores. A treasure trove of ancient traditions and a unique fusion of cultures that have flourished against all odds, a nation where wealth is measured in culture and tradition.   As travellers tread through the untamed heart of the Krass Dominion, the climate mirrors the tempestuous spirit of the land. Rain and fog often shroud the realm in a veil of mystery, as if nature itself weeps for the bloodshed that has soaked the soil. Still there are those rare moments when the skies grant a glimpse of clarity, temporary light for life to bask under. Hedge laid borders, cairns and mossy runestones streak across and dapple the nation, whilst natural rustic arbours provide gateways and small shelters along its many root-like paths.   The Krass Dominion, with its tumultuous history and mystical culture, stands as a testament to the ferocity of its people. In this land, customs and traditions are not mere relics of the past; they are the beating heart of a nation forged by the survivors.  


In the turbulent shadows of the Uxifirar family, the Krass Dominion sprouted from the rift that cleaved kin from kin. Asgrim Torradsson, would come to stand as its humble founder. A man deeply attuned to the pulse of his father's realm, he took the mantle of leadership, birthing the Krass Dominion from the soil’s womb. His focus? To till the land and cling fiercely to the threads of independent culture and the unyielding mindset of the Vetruxi Kingdom.   Meanwhile, Asgrim's elder brother, Ralof, a commander of the Vetruxi Kingdom's armies under their father Torrad Uxifadir, clung steadfast to his militaristic and defensive philosophies. In the wake of the schism, he breathed life into the Okse Dominion, a realm fortified against the relentless tides of brutality. Bound by blood, yet split by divergent ambitions, the two brothers navigated a tumultuous partnership. Each harnessed their unique strengths to pursue their individual aspirations, transforming their brotherhood into a strategic alliance that would carve two distinct destinies.   In a solemn tradition, the Krassians, like their Oksmun kin, would elect their once leader to bear the esteemed title of 'Kóngr Eilífr'. It was a pact born of shared reverence for Torrad, the 'Ox-Father', the mighty Bulwark of the Vetruxi Kingdom. They swore to forever eschew the titles of Kóngr or Dróttning, for their people continued to hold Torrad in the highest regard. He remained their father figure, revered leader, and a figure of living legend, uniting both Dominions under his enduring legacy.  


    Krassian Culture

    Krassian society, deeply rooted in tradition - more druidic than their Oksmun kin, is a fascinating blend of diverse lineages, primarily descending from farmers, craftsmen, warriors, carpenters, weavers, and Völva from the Vetruxi Kingdom.   Women play a central role in Krassian society’s survival and nourish its growth. Men often fill the roles of builders, warriors, and labourers, while women are seen as the lifeblood, upholding the subtle nuances and strategies essential for their society's continuation. Leadership within the Krass Dominion predominantly rises into the hands of women, emphasising the importance of nuance, cunning, and strategy. This leadership dynamic, however, does not diminish the significance of men in Krassian society; they hold equal standing and power, frequently serving as leaders alongside their female counterparts. It is vital to note that attempting to gain dominance through brute force alone is ill-fated, as such endeavours often lead to severe illness or "accidental" demise.  

    Attire of the highlands

    Amid the Krass Dominion's wild highlands, its people don attire as unyielding as the land itself. Their garments are a shield against the elements - rugged fabrics that defy biting winds and relentless rains. Long coats, lined with warming fur, become a sanctuary against the cold. Trousers and boots, rugged and durable, ensure nimble movement through treacherous terrain.   Tunics of ages past endure, woven with the strength of time itself, and cloaks in earthy shades of greys, greens, and russets become a veil against both the hostile elements and prying eyes. In the midst of these natural hues, touches of blue glisten, mirroring the misty skies and the icy waters, an homage to the Dominion's very soul.  

    Sorcery amongst Krassians

    While few possess the mastery of such formidable power, denizens of the Krass Dominion frequently find themselves attuned to the arts of Firmus sorcery - the power to shape and mold solid matter. This mastery has allowed the Dominion to sculpt imposing, natural-appearing defenses and cunning traps. It has granted them the ability to shroud vital locations within the landscape's embrace and harness the environment's natural strengths to their advantage. Moreover, Firmus sorcerers lend their talents to cultivate the fertile lands and provide succor to the wounded. They can mend shattered bones and craft form-fitting splints, among their myriad of capabilities.

Major Exports

Due to the miserable climate of the Krass Dominion, the Krassians have gotten quite good at fabricating materials and clothes to stave off exposure to the freezing winds and wet highlands. Such fabrics have become a sought-after luxury from other temperate nations.
Ores & minerals
Without the infastructure to refine the ores mined into ingots at scale, like the Oksmun, the Krassians instead export their excess ores and minerals for profit. Large blocks of stone, piles of iron, copper, silver and even cobalt ores are largely available and exported out of the Dominion.
Through the swathes of land in the Krass Dominion that grow grains, barley is quite common and is often used to create Whiskey. This potent alcoholic drink is great at keeping folk feeling warm and simultaneously, swiftly inebriated for those unprepared for this drinks spicy warmth.


Within the rugged terrain of the Krass Dominion, one encounters creatures as wild and unforgiving as the land itself. Here, you might cross paths with the majestic deer, their graceful forms a fleeting blur amidst the shrubbery. Small and nimble stoats dart through the underbrush, evading both predator and prey, while powerful wolves, shadows of the wilderness, prowl with an aura of menace.   Above, the skies bear witness to the crimson kites and osprey, their predatory gaze scouring the land for vulnerable souls. Whilst the small kingfisher is more likely to be found flitting along the Dominions waterways.   In the icy embrace of the coastal waters, you'll find basking sharks, hulking behemoths of the deep, though their nature remains unexpectedly affable. Mischievous dolphins cut through the frigid waves, their laughter echoing in the depths. And the seals, known as the dogs of the sea, patrol the waters with a watchful eye, a testament to nature's cunning and ruthless determination.  

Armed forces

In the unforgiving Krass Dominion, where might is measured not by the size of your army, but by the ferocity of your tactics, Kónungsdóttir Lilja wields command over a modest standing force, overseen by the Jarl of Kemsvall. These soldiers, streaked in blue paint, shoulder the weight of safeguarding settlements, patrolling borders, and maintaining order within city walls.   When it comes to amassing a substantial force, Lilja relies on the formidable Jarls governing each settlement, who pledge their forces loyaly to the Jarl of Kemsvall's command. With smaller numbers compared to their Oksemun counterparts, Krassians have honed the art of 'guerilla tactics' to perfection. As part of this tactical style, strategic use of the Dominion's Sorcerer population plays a massive role, softening targets extensively before full-scale confrontations.   The Krass Dominion has a Juggernaut population less than half of that of the Okse Dominion, as such potential Juggernauts are more often than not, sent to train with the Oksmun. The Juggernauts report directly to Kónungsdóttir Lilja, acting as guardians as well as being sent to the settlments of the subservient Jarls to aide in defences or simply improve diplomatic relations.   In times of dire need, Krassians may swallow their pride and seek aid from the Okse Dominion. For superior military might, sturdy tactics, and unmatched capabilities, the Okse Dominion stands as a potent ally in the face of impending conflicts.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Sister Nation
Okse Dominion
Rulers (current)
Kónungsdóttir - Lilja Ulfrikdottir
Rulers (deceased)
Kóngr Eilífr - Torrad Uxifadir
Places of note
Capital City - Kemsvall,
City - Umestad,
City - Falsund,
City - Raumavall,
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