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Every region has their own variation of this profession and way of armouring and arming them.
  However, they all have two things in common; Incredible strength and towering size. Most Juggernauts are over 1.95m (6ft, 5inches) tall and weigh in at over 140kg (308lbs).
  Juggernauts are most commonly found in a wide variety of over-engineered full plate-metal armour, differing in design by region and age. Often, they are seen weilding a spear, longsword and shield or greatsword. They can even been seen using a high poundage warbow to decimate distant targets.
I once saw one of them Juggs shoot an arrow nearly the size of my forearm over 300 meters... the impact alone caused the arrow to explode, knocked down the target and punched a dent the size of my bloody 'ead into the breastplate. Wouldn't wanna piss off someone that can do that...

  On average, people that fit the height requirement to become a Juggernauts make up about 1% of the population across all nations. Of that 1%, about 25% chose to become Juggernauts, whilst the other 75% usually go about their lives as normal folk, tending farms, working as blacksmiths, helping to raise livestock and so on. Not everyone is so keen on the idea of training for years on end to become indominable beasts of war.


The Juggernauts are imposing folk that dominate their surroundings. This fact, is where the height requirement comes into play. Juggernauts are typically 1.98m tall or above - this allows them to tower over the common folk.
The absoulte power that Juggernauts weild alows them to do some incredible things that others just simply couldn't do. Have you ever seen a man lift 500kg of iron and stone? A Juggernaut could do it... and then some.



The reason for Juggernauts exsiting in the first place came about when the rulers of each nation realised that the common mercanary or soldier just wasn't enough to fend off some of the larger and more powerful creatures that spawn from the corrupted and purified rifts. That and who doesn't want a behemoth stood next to them defending their life in dangerous situations?
So, in their own time, each nation began looking for ways to create their own Juggernaut. Each nation had varying ways of doing this, but they all agreed that finding people who were naturally taller than most was a great place to start.
Typical measurements
Height: 1.98m,
Weight: 140kg,
Largest recorded measurements
Height: 2.3m,
Weight: 186kg,
Noteworthy Juggernaughts
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