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Frode Altoren

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A grumpy and enigmatic retired sorcerer and cultist hunter, Frode Altoren roams through the world, veiling his true nature behind a dark, dry, and blunt sense of humour - a remnant from his days as a foot soldier. A master of flyting, he excels in the art of trading stylized insults. In combat, his skills are formidable, especially when slightly intoxicated, flowing seamlessly with a fluid and rhythmic fighting style. His past hunts have led him to grim and gruesome sites of destruction and corruption, leaving a lasting psychological impact.   Now a wandering figure, Frode effortlessly straddles the realms of darkness and light, choosing odd-jobs that test the moral boundaries of his past. Despite carrying the weight of haunting memories, his true intentions remain shrouded in mystery, leaving those around him unsure of where his allegiance truly lies. His accumulated wealth, stashed across the Okse and Krass Dominions, as well as the Kingdom of Satol, affords him the luxury of exploration, though he rarely indulges in such riches.   Seasoned by years of wilderness experience, Frode's keen senses keep him alive and alert in the face of danger. Consistently treading the blurred line between good and evil.  


Secretly embracing his self-appointed role as an agent of chaos, Frode Altoren finds joy in setting up cunning traps and tricks, thoroughly relishing the results while barely revealing a subtle smile on his weathered face. Oddly, amidst his mischievous tendencies, he harbours a strong aversion to crowded spaces, especially when children are present. He detests their dirty hands, faces, and runny noses, as well as the chaos they create with their piercing screams. Instead, he prefers the solitude of shadows, adept at lingering unnoticed and quietly absorbing the unfolding world around him.   Frode's enigmatic nature is evident in the fact that he is banned from numerous taverns, owing to his skill in making stealthy escapes without paying. His peculiar idiosyncrasies don't end there, for he possesses a rather unconventional hobby - visiting every brothel in every town, city, or village he encounters. Remarkably meticulous, he documents each experience in a pocket book, rating them and crafting a personalised map as a reference.  

Morality and Philosophy

Guided by a Devil-may-care attitude, treading the blurred line between righteousness and wickedness. Frode's philosophy embraces life's enigmatic complexities, seeking wisdom beyond conventional notions of good and evil. Through mischievous actions, Frode unveils hidden facets of existence, embracing chaos and curiosity to reveal profound truths in the morally grey world he navigates.


If It sounds interesting, I'll do it. If there's no' enough coin, I come back for their head.
— Frode Altoren
With a Devil-may-care attitude and a flair for embracing lighthearted chaos, Frode Altoren operates with a moral compass uniquely his own. Like a skilled tightrope walker, he treads the blurred line between righteousness and wickedness, challenging conventional notions of good and evil. Frode's mischievous demeanour and unpredictability add a thrilling edge to his character, leaving those around him unsure of his true intentions. Though he may engage in morally ambiguous actions, there lies a flicker of conscience within him, guiding his choices through the intricate web of the morally grey world he lives in.


Frode's philosophy is one of embracing life's enigmatic complexities. He finds wisdom in the blurred line between knowledge and mystery, reality and illusion. His guiding principle is to navigate the morally grey realm, seeking both light and darkness, and challenging conventional norms. Through his mischievous demeanour and unpredictable actions, Frode unveils the hidden facets of existence, recognizing that true understanding lies beyond rigid definitions of good and evil. In his unorthodox journey, he has learnt that embracing chaos and indulging in curiosity are key to unveiling the profound truths of the world.
Why are ya asking me these weird questions? Fuck off.
— Frode Altoren

Dull blue
Dark grey, medium length, wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale ivory
5'9" (1.75m)
160lbs (72.6kg)
Physical traits
Lean with a trapezoid body shape
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