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Kingdom of Satol

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The Kingdom of Satol is extremely fertile, brimming with farmland and lush forests alike.
The verdant landscape makes for great farming and produce. So much so, that a lot of the produce made is exported to the neighbouring nations - allowing for a decent ammount of monetary flow throughout the Kingdom.   Life within the Kingdom is not always as great as it seems, for with the dense forests and winding roads, comes a lot of risk to travelers and those unwise enough to enter the woods unprepared. Traveling farmers are easy targets for mercenaries, bandits, highway men and the like. Not to mention the darkness that might step out of the trees that so often cloak them.  


Previously ruled by King Alger Varnhame, The Strallese family took to power after a lengthy war between the two families.   Currently ruled by Queen Rohesia Strallese, The Kingdom of Satol is divided into many counties - each ruled by a different Count or Countess. These Counts and Countess' have always had minor skirmishes between themselves and borders are constantly shifting between them.   Quarterly, the Queen sends a tax collector to each of the counties to collect money or tributes to the crown. Because of this taxation, the Count(ess)s also have their own tax collectors that are sent out to collect from their local populus.  


With quite a substantial disparity of wealth in the Kingdom, a lot of people make only enough money to survive, few are able to live a comfortable working life and fewer still are wealthy. With this, the common folk in the Kingdom might live better lives than those in the Republic of Askalia but not by a lot. Most folk are either farmers, traders or hunters and all of them must pay taxes for almost all aspects of their lives. The farmers and the more green-thumbed amongts those within the Kingdom favor practises akin to permaculture, vermiculture and other such methods of using and preserving nature to mutual benefits.  

Major Exports

The Kingdom has an abundance of wildlife and permaculture farms. As such, Bees and honey are widely available - making the mead cheap to produce. This has lead to a wide variety of meaderies, some that are now famous.
Oats, wheats and other kinds of grains are widely grown across all of the Kingdom. As such, there is often an abundance of grains that end up being free to be exported to other nations during the cold winter months.
With the abundance of wildlife and livestock, furs, leathers and mixed fabrics are available in all manner of garments, cuts and designs. These designs range from simple plain colours to detailed mixed fabrics and patterns.


Wild animals ranging from small rodents like ferrets, field mice and squirels scitter about freely alongside larger fauna like wolves, deer and foxes. On the aquatic side, throughout the large lakes and winding rivers, a sizeable variety of fish and amphibian creatures like the Turlotl call the Kingdom home.   Livestock is also rather abundant in the Kingdom and as such can often be found relatively cheaply, along with most vegitables, grains and meats - It's never hard to find food in the Kingdom, but you'd best be paying someone for it.
Queen - Rohesia Strallese
King - Alger Varnhame
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Places of note
Capital - Elkenhurst,
City - Elmdocks,
City - Hazelpost,
City - Jasperdale,
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In Gormhan, an ancient magic-using nobility clings to its power in a high-tech 1950s-inspired world. There are dragons too!