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Republic of Askalia

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The golden nation of Askalia is the pinacle of trade in Errack. Money flows here like water through a river and as such, anything can be bought for the right price. The landscape is temperate and rather flat, serving well for larger cities and quick transport. clusters of rolling hills and woodland are scattered across the yellow-green grasslands for the soil is not the most fertile but serves it's purpose.  


Formely named The Kingdom of Askalia, the Republic of Askalia was founded upon the assassination of King Briar Remonnet by The Circle of Trades after much pressure from the local guilds and Senate to remove the then King from power.   The Circle of Trades now acts as an entirely private entity separate from the Senate. The Circle does however strongly influence and sway the Senate through back-room conversations, blackmail and under-the-table deals.  


The people of Askalia range from the most wealthy individuals across all of Errack to some of the poorest. Coin moves quickly from hand to hand. Those with coin hold all the power and those without, need the coin to survive.
Askalians are often seen as entrepreneurial types - always looking to make a profit. That being said, life for the have-nots is hard and quite brutal... they get treated like they are less-than people and are instead treated like things.  

Major Exports

Given the hot climate of Askalia, the landscape is rather well suited for the growth of berries. With this, wine is widely produced across Askalia and is a common staple at high status partys and events.
Unlike the common slaves traded by most nations, slaves from Askalia are typically trained to perform specific tasks. These tasks range a wide spectrum and with that spectrum, the price also shifts.
Citrus fruits
Much like the growth of berries, citrus fruits also tend to grow quite well here and as such, lemons, oranges and grapefruits are quite popular and can be found in a rather large abundance.


The Republic is brimming with a wide variety of wildlife. Some of the more stand-out creatures are the giant devil rays, sharks and turtles that swim amongs the seas. Monkeys, foxes and Lynx that roam across the lands and various birds from golden eagles, black shouldered kites and the exoticly crowned hoopoe.
Content warning(s):
Slavery, murder
Kingdom of Askalia
Ruling body
The Circle of Trades
Governing body
The Senate
Places of note
Capital - King's Cliff,
City - Saffronport,
Geopolitical, Republic
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