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Every Muffinkin I've ever met has been so sweet but absolutely ruthless in the Muffin Tin.
You should see them duke it out in the Tray!
— 'Mama' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

The Muffinkin is the religious and social leader of the Children of the Muffin Man. Responsible for the safety of their people, Muffinkin meet weekly in the Muffin Tin to discuss town matters.
Type: Culinary/Religious
Prestige: High
Location: Sugarcanaan Isles, Chaff
Alternative Names:
The Great Muffinkin, Family of the Muffin Man

Career of the Muffinkin

Following the Path

Becoming a Muffinkin comes naturally to some while others spend their lives working towards
enlightenment and acceptance into the Family of the Muffin Man.
by neotam on Pixabay


There are two methods of selection for a new Muffinkin. The most common is the yearly Bake Sale and Muffinkin celebration in Gummysburg. A festival thrown by the Children of the Muffin Man, Sugarcanaanites gather together to share baked goods and award the best baker the title of Muffinkin. Alternatively, when an individual shows exceptional skills with pastries they may be blessed by the current council of Muffinkin with the title.

The Muffinkin Life

The daily lives of the Muffinkin are relatively slow with little intervention from the outside kingdoms. Not much happens in the Sugarcanaan Isles and the crime rate is comparably slow to the nearby kingdoms.


The Muffinkin lead the Children of the Muffin Man in both the Sugarcanaan Isles and Chaff. Not only do they oversee all activities of the Children, they make all final decisions within the religion at the request of the Muffin Man. They allow the public to address concerns in an official manner through open forums and suggestion tickets available at the Muffin Tin.

Benefits of the Job

Muffinkin are held in the highest position within the Children of the Muffin Man. Due to this power, the Muffinkin often receive gifts and donations from the Children when certain rulings are coming up in council. To date there have been no formal requests to quell this behavior. Alongside the tributes, they receive full healing insurance including frosting touch-up.
All images obtained from Pixabay or created by Emily Armstrong.


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