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Sky Sheaf

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  The Sky Sheaf technique allowed stonemasons to create elegantly arching ceilings that curved and flowed like waving stalks of wheat blowing in the wind. This Wheat Sheaf aesthetic perfectly encapsulated the Chaffian agricultural style Duke Loaferson wanted reflected in the Oatpera House's design.   Kneadit's clever solution used a framework of angled wooden supports temporarily erected during construction. Builders laid stones and brick following the outline of the wooden "sheaf", cementing them in place with strategic grouting. Once sections were self-supporting, crews removed the supports, leaving soaring stonewheat arches rippling overhead.   The Sky Sheaf revolutionized interior spaces, allowing expansive concert halls and galleries unbroken by columns. It enabled exterior windows and spires to taper to finely pointed tips like wheat spouting from the soil.   To this day, refined Sky Sheaf construction represents the height of Chaffian craftsmanship and intricacy, gracing cathedrals and landmarks across the kingdom as a point of expertise and pride. Aldo Kneadit's ingenious arches remain his gift to generations who have marveled at his Oatpera House creations.


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