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I sweet talked my way into the upper floors a few years back. You won't believe the magic items Glut II is keeping up there! ...Oh, you want me to spoil the surprise? You'll just have to see it for yourself.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Panoply is a family-owned armory and weapons boutique located in Grainspire's Northwest Artisan District. Founded in over a century ago and currently operated by second generation proprietor Glutinous Masamus III, Panoply caters to Grainspire's sizable adventurer and combat professional demographic.

Separating Wheat from Chaff

Panoply traces its origin to founder Glutinous Masamus, the "Grain Gladiator" who dominated Caulisium tournament bouts for over a decade. After retiring undefeated with substantial fortune, Masamus opted to redirect his weapons expertise into an entrepreneurial venture. His vision - tailoring arms and armor to Grainspire's security, law enforcement and recreational dueling needs.   Masamus converted a modest storefront into his first retail outfitting shop catering primarily to local city guard mercenaries. Positive word spread, allowing relocation to a timber and stone storefront. Continued growth supported acquisition of the Sesame Mill which still houses Panoply today. The gladiator's son, Glutinous II, inherited operations after Masamus' recent passing.   Glut II sought capturing higher tier clientele, forging elite smithing contracts and introducing ornate exhibition boutique spaces housing the rarest wares from across the realms secured through his network of fellow arms enthusiasts. Under his tenure, Panoply beautifully equips heroes embarking on perilous quests - whether embellished ceremonial arms gifted to knights of the Oat Table or practical blades defending trade convoys from ambush deep within the Buckwheat Thickets.  

Architecture and Design

Panoply occupies the former Sesame Mill, a 4 story open-floor stone industrial structure allowing ample room for equipment displays and staging. The interior pairs original soaring ceilings and playful cornice work with contemporary elements like the enchanted signage and glittering cases featuring rare pieces.   The floor houses wood shelves and racks organized by weapon types and materials. A second sublevel contains armor offerings plus blacksmith equipment. Executive offices, documentation rooms and climate controlled vaults securing high value wares occupy the two upper floors.
General Location: Grainspire
Visitors: ~50,000 per year
Current Owner: Glutinous Masamus II
Current Staff
Glutinous Masamus II heads daily operations, heading acquisitions and approving designs. Master Armorer Brannen supervises the on-site smithing and apprentices. Additional specialists include Sales Director Cleo Caliburger, Forge Master Milletta, Enchantment Artisan Pomme, and Chief Appraiser Cassia Forkwise.   Glut II also retains standing relation with 12 elite contracted weapon crafters and armorsmiths able to deliver bespoke pieces on commission rivaling royal armories in both quality and cost for Panoply's highest tier patrons.

Daily Operations

Standard posted store hours run daily from sun-up to sun-down, which see a mix of wholesale buyers, small mercenary troops and hobbyist duelists perusing wares or placing custom orders. Qualifying professional mercenaries gain access during off hours by appointment. For ease, delivery service bringing existing inventory pieces directly to all Grainspire gates for equipping exiting adventure parties is available.   The entire shop closes 1 week surrounding Harvest Tournament Fest while Glut II and senior staff attend the celebratory events and spectate arena bouts scouting fighter prospects for potential sponsorships. Inventory and special orders continue fulfillment by junior apprentices who relay messages via courier Raisen back to festival grounds.

Current Wares

This section displays all the weapons and armor in Culinaria and does not dictate what is held at the Panoply in your campaign, but any of these items can appear at the Panoply should you want to include them.


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