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The Hot Potato is a deceptively innocent-looking baked potato enchanted with explosive magical properties. It appears as a perfectly cooked potato with a crispy skin and emits a faint warmth even when held. While the materials used seem ordinary, the enchantment process involves a carefully guarded recipe known only to a handful of culinary wizards.   Crafted by mischievous mages as a prank turned tool, the Hot Potato has become a favorite among adventurous cooks and daring spellcasters. The explosion is accompanied by a burst of flavorful scents, leaving the distinct aroma of a perfectly baked potato in the air.  
1 lb
Baked potato with skin
50 gold
  When thrown at a target, the Hot Potato detonates upon impact, dealing 2d6 fire damage in a nearby radius.  
Quests & Quarrels
D6. Classless. Skill Trees. Adrenaline. Social Proficiency.
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