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With its mammoth, crystal sugar-encrusted frame, the Doughnut Discus resembles its delicious namesake. Yet when hurled with force, this legendary weapon unleashes devastating concussive impact. Its origins began within the Cauliseum, where champions battled beasts and warriors for public amusement.
  Rasha Goldgrain, a cotton candy dwarf beerserker, captured hearts through their arena supremacy and legendary sweet tooth. Their signature move - hurling frosted doughnuts into the stands - made them a sensation. Seeking to enhance his star attraction's act, Cauliseum gamemaster Sir Crunchius commissioned mage baker Torren Frysmith to craft custom projectile pastries. After retirement, Rasha's decorated doughnut discus was enshrined in Cauliseum's Hall of Champions.
5 lbs
75 gold

  When thrown, the Doughnut Discus deals 2d6 force damage on a successful hit. Additionally, on impact, it releases a burst of sugary magic, leaving the target temporarily stunned. The struck creature has Bane on its next attack roll.
Quests & Quarrels
D6. Classless. Skill Trees. Adrenaline. Social Proficiency.
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