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This breastplate crafted from specially hardened bread crust blends battlefield utility with style thanks to ancient crafting secrets unlocked by necessity. Historians confirm the first Breadplate was forged after Tipsy the Fry Snatcher nicked Lord Lactan's Butterblade during a grand feast, using it to slice servings from a massive pumpernickel round. When drunken fighting broke out, Tipsy was shocked when the stale bread rounds concealed under his tunic blocked an axe swing that should have felled him.   Seeing potential, Tipsy sold the Butterblade, using funds to open bakesmith forges with his cousin Rye Barleybourne, an armorsmith. After months perfecting techniques infusing dough with weaponized mineral solutions, their patented Breadplate was born. Light enough for mobility yet deceptively effective cushioning blows, Breadplates became essential equipment for battlefield chefs who appreciated the additional warmth of a fresh-baked plate.  
15 lbs
Hardened bread, Grainsong
150 gold
  The Breadplate provides immunity to force damage. Once per rest, the wearer can invoke its special ability to gain temporary hit points equal to their Constitution modifier.  
Quests & Quarrels
D6. Classless. Skill Trees. Adrenaline. Social Proficiency.
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