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Gourdlets are sturdy gauntlets crafted from hollowed-out gourds, providing excellent protection for the hands. The outer surface is reinforced with a layer of hardened gourd shell, while the interior is lined with soft leather for comfort. A sleek iron and gold bracer is strapped over the top for additional protection.
  Gourdlets were initially crafted by Pappy Grewwit, a resourceful farmer seeking a way to repurpose extra gourds. Over time, their popularity spread, and skilled artisans enhanced the design for use in combat. They became favored among adventurers exploring vine-laden regions like Herbacium.
2 lbs
Reinforced gourd, leather straps, iron, gold
50 gold

  Gourdlets provide a +1 bonus to Strength. Once per short rest, the wearer can use them to attempt a grapple with Blessing due to their reinforced grip.
Quests & Quarrels
D6. Classless. Skill Trees. Adrenaline. Social Proficiency.
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