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Oh, darling, the Cornicorn! Nature's own runway models. Strutting through cornfields like they own the place, which, let's be honest, they kinda do. Note to self: Cornicorns are not for riding, no matter how tempting it may seem.
— Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Gracing the plains and meadows of Chaff, the glorious Cornicorn are gentle creatures with corn horns and vibrant manes. They're often followed closely by a swarm of Butterflies or a group of Cornies.


Cornicorns began when cornfed horses rested overnight atop a point along the Whey Lines. When they awoke, they had grown thick corn cob horns. They flourished in the meadows and plains of the land that would become Chaff, living in small, tight-knit herds. Each herd is led by an elder Cornicorn with a particularly grand corn horn. Cornicorns primarily graze on corn and other vegetation found in their homelands.  
As Chaff transitioned into a more civilized society, the Cornicorns became revered symbols of nature's bounty and simplicity. Sanctuaries were established, and environmental policies were put in place to ensure the well-being of these gentle creatures. Nobility and affluent citizens created Cornicorn Gardens, cultivating cornfields as a homage and building lifesized Cornicorn statues.
Legends whispered of a Lost Cornicorn haven hidden within a pristine cornfield. This has sparked quests among Cornies to rediscover this mythical haven and unlock the potential it held for their species.
  The Corny emerged as fervent devotees of the Cornicorns. Their practices began with a small group of adventurers who thought the Cornicorns were "really cornin' cool" and gave up their quest to follow the Cornicorn. Early Cornies collected and wore the popcorn as necklaces. Over time, this has developed into a belief that the shed holds sacred significance, protecting the wearers from harm.  


Cornicorns have an equine body with a corn cob horn. Their fur can come in various shades resembling different corn varieties. Some may have horns that resemble white corn while others have multicolored patterns.


Cornicorns are known for their gentle and communal nature. They prioritize harmony within their herds, and disputes are rare. Elders often act as mediators, ensuring that conflicts are resolved peacefully.
Origin Location: Chaff
Lifespan: 25 to 30 years
Size: 4 to 5 feet at the shoulder
Conservation Status: Least Concern

Symbiotic Relationships

Although primarily located around Lactasia, a significant population of Butterflies live around Cornicorn herds. Classified into various species based on their wing colors and patterns, these insects play a crucial role in maintaining floral diversity and meadow health.   Attracted by an unknown connection, they stay to feast on the Cornicorn's fallen popcorn. Butterflies rest on the horns when not in flight, buttering up the corn and preventing it from drying. During special occasions, Cornicorns and butterflies engage in harmonious rituals. The Cornicorns emit a soft, melodic hum, while butterflies respond with synchronized dances. This exchange of energy during these rituals is believed to foster a sense of unity among the creatures and infuse the meadows with a profound sense of peace.
Salt Mites
Salt Mites are minute organisms resembling delicate salt formations with a translucent quality that refracts light in intricate patterns. They adhere to the fur or skin of wild animals, forming crystalline clusters barely visible to the naked eye. These mites undergo a cycle of crystalline growth and shedding, with new crystals forming as the mites absorb minerals from the host's environment.   The mites release microscopic particles into their hosts, including sodium, potassium, and magnesium. As the host animals absorb these minerals through their skin or fur, it aids in maintaining electrolyte balance, muscle function, and overall health. They seek hosts that provide a stable environment and access to diverse microorganisms for sustenance. The symbiotic exchange ensures the well-being of both parties.

Legends and Myths

Moonlit Transformation
Some believe that Cornicorns transform into ethereal beings during their moonlit migration. They imagine Cornicorns soaring through the sky with wings made of popcorn, leaving trails of stardust. These are likely sightings of the elusive Popcorn Phoenix, native to Simmeroon.
Wish-Granting Popcorn
There's a misconception that if you catch a Cornicorn shedding its popcorn and make a wish while consuming it, your deepest desires will come true. While charming, Cornicorns, unfortunately, do not possess wish-granting powers.


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