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Commlink Intrasystem Booster Array

When landing a new Colony, setting up your Habitat CIBA will be one of your top priorities. There is a 75% chance of colony failure if communications aren't set up within the first day of landing.

— Habitat Handbook

A CIBA (See-Bah) hub is standard equipment for small and large scale expeditions and colonies. CIBA can use Meta or Mecha to even both in some cases to allow much faster wavelength communication inside a solar system. While mostly limited to short-delay voice communications and datashare, a very high quality CIBA can support all the way up to realtime videocalls within a fifteen lightminute radius.

A CIBA can also be used allow intergalactic communication if an Æthernet array is in distance.

Communications Established

Most Habitats and colonist ships come with a CIBA unit in their central room. A large antenna has to be deployed and connected to the booster in order to make the unit function. Calibration can take a day at the mininum, and inclement weather can prolong the process and delay data transfers.

CIBAs are normally provided over Aethernet connections because an Aethernet connection is extremely expensive to produce, and the risk of losing it on a new planet is far too large a risk to take on.


A CIBA can not do real time communication, even voice communication or text transfer can take a minute or two to send. Video calls can happen only at basic quality, and the connections may suffer a large delay making calls a bit awkward.


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