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Cyber skating couriers

by NightCafe by Absinthe /Cdrahonnet
  Need a confidential package or parcel delivered discretely without question? Then consider the team from Cyber Skating Couriers, guaranteed delivery anywhere in London within sixty minutes or less. We avoid the crowds on the tube, the traffic jams and mobs of protestors to get your goods where they need to be.   No hassle for you with a line at the post. No worries about a lost or late delivery. Our licensed and bonded couriers are of the utmost discretion. And should they fail to meet your exacting standards, then you are free to detonate the cranial cortex bomb that has been installed for your feeling of security.   In addition our fully secured travel cases come with a handy and convenient self destruct. The level of which is entirely up to your decision. Our couriers are armed and trained in self defense and offensive arts. Fully licensed to carry firearms and wield magics for those capable of it.  
by artbreeder by Absinthe/Cdrahonnet
Our best courier Akira Hogan Hiro, who with her custom designed and built P-51 Mustang skates made the Central Line Run in less than twelve minutes.  If you ever see a flash of blue green teal go by, rest assured it is Akira on the job with your package being safely, quickly and courteously delivered.    Do you have a need for a delivery outside of London? We can handle that too. Sample times included border security where and when enforced are as follows:   London to Paris 73 minutes. London to Berlin 91 minutes. London to Moscow 117 minutes. London to Dubai 243 minutes. London to anywhere in Australia 320 minutes London to Tokyo 350 minutes.   We look forward to delivering your packages and parcels with panache and a smile. We are here to serve you and your client's needs. We hope to be hearing from you soon.    Underwritten by Zurich Gemeinschaft Bank.


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