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Seafoam Ink

The delightful and enchanting whispers of seaform are the mean by which people to send messages across the sea.  

Sending Messages on Ocean Breezes

In the language of Fteu╠»tkla, the word espusu means "to seafoam whisper". The process begins with skilled artisans, known as "tide tenders," who carefully watch the oceans for signs and omens, and collect pure sea foam from the shores of special, designated beaches. This sea foam is imbued with magical properties, allowing it to retain messages and intentions conveyed by its users.  

The Message Enchantment

By harnessing the essence of the ocean's magic and the gentle caress of the sea foam, a message can be sent simply by dipping ones quill into A vial of shimmering sea foam ink. As they write their message on a piece of delicate parchment, their thoughts and emotions become intricately woven into the words. The ink itself seems to sparkle with the colors of the sea, reflecting the sender's feelings at the time of writing.  

Activating the Message:

Once the message is written, the tide tender performs a brief ritual, channeling their connection to the ocean and imbuing the parchment with a temporary enchantment. The parchment, now carrying the sender's heartfelt words, returns to a seafoam form, and is carried by a curent made by the will of the caster to its desired location and recipient.  

The Journey Across the Waves:

The message then travels with the ocean currents, guided by the whispers of sea spirits and the guidance of gentle sea creatures. As the sun sets and the moon rises, the seaform returns to its parchment form in the location nearest the recipient or at the feet of the nearest tide tender, to be delivered.  

The Magic of the Message

The message captures not just the words but the emotions and intentions of the sender, infusing each message with a personal touch. Recipients often speak of feeling a deep connection with the sender, as if the essence of their thoughts and emotions were carried directly to their heart by the ocean's tender embrace.   Whether it's a love letter sent across the seas, a message of encouragement to a faraway adventurer, or a simple note of appreciation to a neighbor, these seafoam messages are a cherished and beloved tradition in this enchanting world. It not only brings joy and comfort but also celebrates the beauty of nature and the mysteries of the deep blue ocean.


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Aug 12, 2023 23:19 by Kwyn Marie

If we all could send a message on the ocean breezes...reading this put me in mind of walking along a beach. Cool idea.