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Can I call grandma?
— any Galactic Alliance child upon getting their first communicator

How Communication Works

Every Galactic Alliance citizen has their very own communicator! These tiny devices can be pinned to clothing or worn as jewelry. The actual workings of the device are small, so they can be fitted into many different shapes. Personalizing the look of your communicator is one of the fun parts!

Each person has a unique code, made up of a series of codes: nearest Lighthouse, a unique code for your planet, and then your unique individual code. No one can contact you unless they have your code, so be careful who you give it to!

Signals from your communicator are bounced through the nearest relay station, usually a space station in orbit. Don't worry about how that works. These signals are strong, so a planet doesn't get in the way of good communication! From the station, they are relayed to the Lighthouse, and then passed along the Lighthouse network to the Lighthouse nearest your contact. Again, the signal transmits from the Lighthouse to the local hub, and then to your friend's communicator.

Space is big, so if your friend is a long way away, communication times may be delayed, even though these signals travel faster than the speed of light. Just be patient while you talk and you'll get the rhythm so you aren't talking over each other!

Other Uses for Communicators

If you live or work within the sphere of influence of a powerful computer, you may have access to that intelligence. This means that you have a friend who you can talk to anytime you like! Need help with your homework? Just ask the computer to teach you what you want to learn!

Note: not all computers are equipped to handle all questions, so you may also have access to a family computer or other network. Be aware that abuse of any connection can result in you being blocked. Once you've been blocked, only the other entity can unblock you!

Communication Laws

The Galactic Alliance is very serious about protecting your right to privacy! No one can call you unless they have your code.

Get a call from someone you don't want to hear from again? Block them! If you feel at all concerned by this contact, reach out to your local Regulatory Enforcer for help. Unwanted contact is against the Galactic Alliance charter and an enforcer will contact you to help resolve the situation. So don't prank call the enforcers!

Prank calls, especially those pretending to be someone else, are strictly forbidden. Look, we want you to have fun, but we also want you to feel safe. Prank calls can often go wrong, leaving the person called feeling unsafe or threatened. No one wants to feel like that!


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