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Regulatory Enforcer

Answer the highest call today and ask about our signing bonus!

Do you like bringing order from chaos?

Want to get paid to see the universe?

The mundane regulations of the Galactic Alliance aren't going to enforce themselves!

Our officers work with the newest ship technology as they travel the universe with their advanced AI partners. These cutting-edge shipboard computer friends are specially trained to help maintain the mental and physical health of their human crew. Excellent benefits and a never ending opportunity for adventure make this the ideal career for those who seek new and varied ways to challenge themselves.

Regulatory Enforcers need to be self-starters. We're looking for reliable rule followers who can make decisions on their own without constant guidance from superiors who will definitely be light years away.

Build a respected career as you ensure legal compliance and maintain order, allowing the Galactic Alliance to thrive and grow.

Go where the action is!

No boss. No backup. No problem!



  • an adult member of any Galactic Alliance world
  • pass a background check of criminal history and a psychological examination
  • pass a physical fitness test
  • complete enforcer training including the basics of galactic law
  • complete weapons' training

Desired Skills:

  • capable of surviving on their own for extended periods of time
  • basic ship control skills
  • dedication to the principles of law and the preservation of the Galactic Alliance

Other Benefits

  • Training and educational reimbursement
  • Full medical insurance package
  • Annual review and pay increases
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Competitive retirement plan
  • Holiday and overtime bonuses
  • All funeral expenses paid



This is the civilian peace keeping force for the Galactic Alliance. Regulatory Enforcers are the most visible sign of law and order in the universe.



a ship and a gun

Dangers & Hazards

The job is risky, which is why they're always hiring. Being alone and facing down the bad guys is not for the weak.

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The biggest benefit - the superiors will be lightyears away.

And I like the part about the "competitive retirement plan" followed up by the "All funeral expenses paid" - I gues there aren't to many Blasters that reach the old age retirement, are there?

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