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Eastern Islands

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Eastern islands is an archipelago that is the homeland of the Zeribians, the most talented sailors of Salan. The archipelago is not a georgraphically unified area, but is mostly used to mean the islands influenced by the Zeribian culture.   The archipelago can be roughly divided into inner islands, such as Crescent Island, Washleng, or Uganbalžan, that have the most characterisic tropical climate and most traditional Zeribian culture. The outer islands are frontier regions, such as Der Fem (West Island) or Irin i heš.   Despite the name, the Eastern Islands are located north of the Southern Continent. The name was used to differentiate between the West Island (Der Fem) and all the other islands, that were populated by Zeribians and located to the east of West Island.


Der Fem is located closest to the Southern Continent, and is geographically connected to it. The long islands of Irin i heš are located along the Northern Coast of the continent. The rest of the islands are mostly round-shaped volcanic islands like the Crescent. There is also a significant number of atolls close to the Northern Continent.  

Settlements and demographics

Eastern Islands have very diverse population. Even the smallest islands usually have their own tribes with different customs. These peoples are collectively refered to as Natives of the Eastern Islands. Later most of the Islands have been subjugated by Zeribian lords. Their culture is itself derived from the Native cultures, but has developed into relatively unified urban culture.
traditional village by a river
As of 790AH, the most notable Zeribian settlemets are on Moons, Washleng, and Western West Island (Der Fem). Irin i heš is outside the the main area of the Eastern Islands, but is under Zeribian influence and supports communities of miners and functions as a base for privateers working in the eastern seas. West Island is governed by Fareans, but has a growing Zeribian population.

Fauna & Flora

The climate on the archipelago is subtropical in the south, and tropical in the north. The islands get plenty of rainfall all year round, so they are covered by lush rainforests, except the highest mountain peaks. On the inhabited islands, the coasts and riverbanks are used for cultivation.   Bats are important for pollinating the local fruit bearing trees, and are also hunted by the locals.
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The most of the Islands are covered by rainforest
Large terrestial animals are only found on the island nearest to the continents. In other places the biggest animals are birds and sea cratures. The main domesticated animals kept are the Maw Ûmendmeld (Capybara) hairy forest pigs, dog and chicken. Tratitional breeds of these animals are quite small, to be easily transported on a boat. Wild population of these animals are also found.

by Tuisku
Kuh, the god of war
The hunter birds are the main native predators in the inner islands. They are around 70cm to the shoulders and 100cm with the head included. They are not good flyers, but often ambush their prey by dropping from the tree branches, and can fly short distances to the nearby islands, which is how they populated the islands in the first place.They hunt in small packs and can kill lone unarmed human, but are generally afraid of settlements.

The locals think the hunters are a manifestation of the bloodthirsty war god Kuh. For this reason it is considered sacred, and is only allowed to be killed by the ruling elité.

Natural Resources

Der Fem is the archipelago's main source for tin and many other mining products. Irin i Heš 'The Snake's Back' has a lot of copper.   The volcanic soil of the islands is suitable for agriculture on the coasts, and the barren grasslands on the upper hills are used as pastures. However, the most food for the inhabitants is provided by the sea. The forests provide a large selection fruit and vegetables that are gathered especially by the Natives.
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Zeribian dogs are pretty small and love swimming

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