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Zeribian privateer

Zeribian privateers are semi-official branch of the Zeribian armies. The relationship between Zeribian traders and privateers is complicated. Many large ships trade, but take the changes of raiding other ships and coastal settlements when the change arises. During the times of war the privateers form the backbone of Zeribian navy.       Privateer is a common profession especially for the less important non-inheriting noble young men. Only the oldest son is quaranteed to inherit his father, and the others must build their fortune and status in other ways.   The privateer ships are usually owned by Zeribian noblemen. The highest positions on the ship are usually held by a blood relative of the owner.



The fighting and sailing skills necessary are a part of the common training for noble boys. They are responsible for most of the fighting and taking prisoners, while lower ranking sailors use projectile weapons and spears to support them.

Career Progression

It is quite common that the young nobles spend some years (around 15 to 25-years-old) as privateers, before being given more prestigious and safe positions. Often the commoners of the crew are significantly older and more experienced than at least some of the leaders.

Payment & Reimbursement

The crew gets to keep a ration of the raided value. They are mostly provided for by the owner.



In addition to providing free goods and slaves, the privateers also form the back bone of the Zeribians armies and are ready to defend their owners if the need arises.
by Rafael Monleón (public domain)
They work under the protection of their lords. Other nations consider them to be pirates, and will treat them as such.
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