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Šiwke Synter

Šiwke Synter is a Zeribian mercenary born into the Great House Šiwke (Blacksail).   His first name is in Ngad i zerib and means observer of stars, which is a common name believed to be good for travellers, because the Zeribian seafaring on the open sea is reliant on using the stars and other celestial objects for navigation.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was born the third son of a lord, and like many other Zeribian boys with no hope for inheritance, he was sent to be a legalized pirate at a young age. Later he became associated with the Fareans and is currently a Commander of an Expedition commissoned by a Farean lord.

Gender Identity



He got the basic training on the history, trade and literature, but has lived his live experiencing and not reading. He is a skilled fighter in both theory and practice, and also a good commander even for bigger units.


Contacts & Relations

He has a very wide network of contacts among both the Zeribians and the Fareans. Unfortunately, it has also earned him some persistent enemies.

Family Ties

He is the third son of a periferal lord. He was never closely associated with the leaders of his house.

Social Aptitude

He is a charismatic, intelligent leader. He keepes a safe distance from all his subordinates, but knows how to earn their trust. He is generally good company, and fun for anyone who shares his dark sense of humour.

Wealth & Financial state

His family is wealthy, but not rich by the noble standards, and owns a middle-sized plantation on Der Fem Island, as well as business on the islands. Synter has however earned well by his mercenary work and successfull deals with the Fareans, and is probably the richest member of his immidiate family.   He owns a well-bred deer, excellent suit of light armor, and his weapons include a curvy Zeribian style bastard sword, short spear and a set of knives.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
He is noble, which means that the other Zeribians address him by his surname and using polite forms of address. He is not completely happy about this, because his relationship with his house is pretty complicated.
Year of Birth
1003 AFS
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language)
Nem Ressalit

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