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Redingais - West Island

Sama suomeksi täällä   Der Fem is the largest island of the Eastern Islands, located just outside the eyesight from the Southern Continent.   Presently (as of 790AH) the island is ruled by a Faren state of the Republic of Free West Island, from their capital of New Tower.   Important settlements
English Faren (Zeribian)
Portsmouth Oswánne (Dergun), that later becomes the Zeribian capital
New Tower Çarimbal (Redarš Arged), the capital of the Republic
Gaur the largest Zeribian settlement and the main holy site of Idûrfeš    
Der Fem Geographical Map


The first inhabitants on the island were natives of the Eastern island, that lived fisher-gatherer lives on the shores. The next to come were Farens from the Continent. They built grand cities and ruled the island for centuries, until the growing Zeribian minority conquered the island in the Zeribian Revolution of 800AH.

Fauna & Flora

The settlements on the islands are consentrated by the rivers in the lowlands near the sea, while the inland is largely in it's natural state. The islands rainforests house very rich and unique life that is mix of the lifeforms both from the continent and the Eastern Islands.

Natural Resources

The Island had been a center for mining since the times before of the Faren occupation, but it became even more important for the Zeribian alliance. Even the island's name in Ŋad i zerib means 'the Stone Island'.   Der Fem is the only Eastern Island that is continental in structure, and it therefore is the main source for many minerals that are otherwise sparse on the islands, especially tin that's crusial to making bronze. The second main mining product is stone, that the Zeribians use to construct ceremonial stone platforms, elite houses and monuments.

Most mining is done on the mountainous inner land of the island. The metals are first processed at the New Tower located by the Lake Brass on the highlands, and the products are then transported down the river to Dergun and further all over the archipelago.

Other products
Der Fem is also an important source of wood. The Farens had already exhausted the easily cuttable forests on the mainland before settling, but it's also sparse on many islands.


  • Der Fem Geographical Map
Alternative Name(s)
Nem Ressalit: Redingaisa 'Western Island'
Endonym: redingaisár 'West Islander'
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